No, I don’t think I am that interesting…

April 4, 2009

I am starting a blog, not because I really think I am that interesting, but because I miss journaling. I have a journal by my bed that I have had for two years and that every other entry is “I am really going to try harder to journal this time…..” I am also in that phase of life that by 6 o’clock when Mike comes home and asks “what’s new”, I am so brain dead that I have no coherent thoughts. Anyone who thinks being a stay at home mom is an easy job has either never done it or is not doing a very good job at it! So this way, I will have a place to keep my thoughts through out the days and weeks and hopefully they will be fresh in my mind, when I actually have to time to have a converstation!

(also I think my husband and kids are really funny)


4 Responses to “No, I don’t think I am that interesting…”

  1. Liz Says:

    I started a blog for the same reason! I like to journal, but I never get a chance. Anyway, I totally agree with the SAHM mom stuff. I used to always say I’m going to stay home with my kids when I was a teen and I had this vision of pure bliss and bonbons. Not quite. Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!

    • Cori Says:

      I had visions of angelic children that would be perfectly behaved, laugh at all my jokes, and eat whatever I put in front of them….. I also thought it would be a breeze to keep the house clean with all that “extra time”!

  2. Ashley Says:

    I love that you’re blogging! Thanks for keeping me posted! Hope to hear from you soon via phone that is..

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