Life on the Plain

April 14, 2009

Instead of saying “plain” Scott says “real”. As in, “I want bread and butter, but I want the butter real.” Translation: I want a piece of bread and a chunk of butter but separate. (yes, I let him eat chunks of butter, what’s the difference if it is “real” or on the actual bread???) I have no idea where he got this and I have tried explaining the word plain, but for some reason it always comes out “real” and now I have actually come to like the term.

Before we decided to move back to Tulsa, Mike was asking me what I wanted our life to look like and all I could come up with was to say plain. I wanted him to have a plain job, I wanted to have a plain house, and I wanted to do plain things. Meaning I wanted an uncomplicated job that didn’t dominate every aspect of our family, I wanted a small house that was cozy and easy to keep clean, and I wanted to get back to the basics and spend time with family, play at the park, have people over for dinner, live around the people and places that contribute to making life worth living. I want our life to be pared down to the things that bring us joy and get rid of all the extra. You know, the plain life.

Last year I would say was our hardest year since we have been married and I think it is because we got cocky. We moved away from family when I was 17 weeks pregnant with baby number two, thinking we can do this on our own, we don’t need any help. HA! I am now deeply grateful for how much my parents adore my kids. We spent too much money on stuff, we spent too much time in the car, and we got lost.  We are striving to make more conscious decisions with our money, to be more involved with the community around us- to consume less and give more. It is a journey and we are definitely not perfect, but we are desperately trying to remember that every decision that we make has an impact. Big or little, good or bad.

I think Scott and I got our words switched. He means to say plain and I meant to say real.

*Side Note, there is an amazing book called The Irresistible Revolution. It is written by a Christian, but I truly believe it applies to everyone. It will change your life.


11 Responses to “Life on the Plain”

  1. Heidi Says:

    This is so relevant, poignant, and well-written. I agree with you. I feel bad you felt lost when you lived next door. I wish we’d have spent more time in the back yard together!

    And, it is kind of weird that Scott eats plain butter, but you’re absolutely right that it shouldn’t matter if it’s actually on the bread. My kids have had meals like that. Cheese, plain. Crackers, plain. Fruit, plain. Meal: real. 😉


    • Cori Says:

      It was a weird year for us. But agreed, wish we would have hung out more! Scott has weird eating habits (he gets it from me!)

  2. Mike Lyon Says:

    I am glad I get to spend life with you…love you babe! I really like your articles too 🙂

  3. Gay Fry Says:

    Cori, what an awesome article. All of us, no matter what age, can learn something from the things you said. We need to remind ourselves daily what is real and what is not. It’s as simple as that. Thank you!

  4. Liz Says:

    I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been re-evaluating a lot about my life a lot lately too. I think I might even be learning to accept faith as something I can live with! Or whatever. Anyway, Finn’s weird saying is “I can’t want it!” He says this to almost everything I try to feed him, because, well, I guess he just can’t bring himself to want it. Have a good Wednesday!

  5. Melissa Says:

    This is so great Cory! You sound very happy with where you are at, both physically (Tulsa) and personally. Our family has had quite a year as well and I know exactly where you are coming from. I truely think having kids makes you take a good hard look at life and realize the important things because time really does go by too fast! It is so easy to get caught up in “life” stuff, “material” stuff – when in reality its friends and family that keep us going day to day. When I look back on my fondest memories they are the “plain” ones or “real” ones that stick out the most!
    I’ll check out The Irresistable Revolution!

  6. Ashley Says:

    I miss you and your family. You’ve always helped to keep things in perspective. Thank you for that.

  7. Pam Bandy Says:

    I love you, Cori, and I’m proud of you.

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