Scott Uncut

April 17, 2009

(this is at 7:45 am)
Scott: Let’s make popcorn!

Me: How about we make popcorn at lunchtime and we can take it to Dad’s office when we take him lunch.

Scott: (puts his little hand on his chin, I am not kidding) Let’s make a deal. Let’s take Dad lunch now so we can make popcorn now.

Me: Let’s make a different deal. After you eat breakfast, if you are still hungry, we will make popcorn.

Scott: (stands there thoughtfully considering) Okay, that’s a deal.

Mike reads him The Art of Negotiating every evening.

2 Responses to “Scott Uncut”

  1. jan Says:

    I loved reading your blog — Your deep insight and keen mind are evident in your posts. Oh how it thrills me to see the capable young mother you are. I know that days at your house are always fun and enriching for your boys and Mike.

    Bethany set me up this weekend with my own page!

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