Mop Feet

April 25, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. That if you hold the delete button down on our answering machine for about 10 seconds it deletes all the old messages instead of having to go through them one by one.

2. I have the chocolate chip cookie dough recipe memorized.

3. Mike just figured out that my parents cat that died in NOVEMBER is gone.

4. I invented “mop feet”. Mopping is my most least favorite part of my job. There is no good time to do it with kids around, thus was born mop feet. I mop, then Scott and I scooch everywhere with a tea towel under each foot, which dries the floor AND eliminates dirty foot prints everywhere. Thank you, Thank you very much, I will be here for the next 18 years.

5. My 1300 sq ft house can hold 12ish adults and around 25 kids at one time AND that is with out anything getting destroyed. I was pretty impressed by this.

6. I am feeling more at peace with my life than I have in a very very very long time. (more on this later)

7. I am lucky to have healthy kids. I have been up the last two nights with a sick little Totsie. As tired as I am the next day, I know in my heart and mind that he will get better. I know not all parents are able to feel that.

8. There is a strip of hair on the back of my calf that, apparently, I have been forgetting to shave for the last year (seriously, like an inch long, very gross and embarrassing).

What did you learn this week?


7 Responses to “Mop Feet”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Something I learned today….I’ve been hugging others with my body (firm, strong, arrr)…but if you go into it as if hugging them with your heart then your body will soften and the receiver will feel more welcome…(Thank you Trinity and Martha). It used to feel like an exercise in rebounding, but now it is all about enveloping.

    This week:
    1) If I wear gloves, scrubbing the toilets is not as intimidating
    2) That I can lay red plastic mulch in wipping winds while mexicans lay shingles on my roof and not care that they are watching
    3) That when you speak out about wrong doing the wrong-doer gets fired
    4) I can expand
    5) When your infant sleeps through the night you miss them so much that you ALMOST want to wake them up just to be with them
    6) Even your finger tips feel weighty after 2.5 hours of a yoga workshop
    7) If I put Annaliese in enough PINK, people stop calling her a “young man”

  2. Martha Says:

    Mop feet are awesome! I’ll have to try that, mopping is my least favorite so I got a steamer, totally changed the way I clean. I was planning to come to your thing on Tuesday but decided not to at the last minute, glad I didn’t because that would have been 5 more kids with only 1 more adult.
    What I learned this week :
    1) It is nearly impossible to clean both bathrooms at my house, when the babies are awake they get into the cleaners and play in the toilets, and when they are asleep, their room is one of our Master bedrooms closet which is in our master bathroom, so cleaning that room when they are asleep almost always wakes them up..hopefully one week I will learn how to get this one done.
    2) I found an awesome channel on Cox it is 928 it is a music channel called toddler tunes, and it is just music for toddlers during the day it is upbeat tunes like Laurie Berkner and Sesame Street songs and then in the evening they do more lullaby type songs like U2 and Beatles songs in Lullaby style, it isn’t music videos it just is like listening to the radio and the babies love it.
    2) I also learned I don’t like confrontations and whenever there is one that needs to be done I can’t sleep and get knots in my stomach.

    • Cori Says:

      A tip for #1- I use all homemade natural cleaners to clean so I can clean around my kids and not be worried. AND Scott can clean himself, he loves it! When ever I am cleaning, I give him his own spray bottle and rag and he goes to town…. I wish you would have come on Tuesday, only so I could have seen you and met your kids! We need to get together sometime! I also love that you did #2 twice, what do you like have 5 kids or something????

  3. Liz Says:

    Okay, so I bought a Swiffer, but when it came time for refills, I felt SO bad about spending money on a crappy peice of fluff that was just going to a landfill anyway. So now I just fix a towel to the bottom of the mop thing and push that around. I hate mopping. I learned that if I break out the tiny dustpan and broom that Finn will want to clean!

  4. sam Says:

    Can I have the recipe for the cookie dough? (us brits don’t know how to make it, and Megan will love you forever if I make my own cookies).
    I learnt:
    1. That some people steal half the 4 pack of yoghurts – and the supermarket can’t sell you the leftover two. Here, they throw them away instead, that makes me soooooo mad (on many counts).
    2. Megan is an awesome engineer, she made Cam an amazing car from 2 cardboard boxes and some marker pens, it has wheels and everything – I am very proud!
    3. That turning off all electronic ‘entertainment’ for a couple of hours restores everyones sense of wellbeing.

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