Scott Uncut

May 1, 2009

This is a conversation between Scott and my mom.

Scott: (punching buttons on his faux phone) I can’t talk right now, I am texting.

Mimi: Who are you talking to?

Scott: You don’t talk when you text Mimi.

Mimi: Oh, so who are you texting?

Scott: My mom.

Mimi: What did she say?

Scott: Eat your broccoli.

Conversation between Mike and Scott:

Mike: Scott, your destined for greatness.

Scott: Where is greatness?

Which also reminds me… about a year ago, Mike was tucking Scott in every night and telling him. “You can do anything you want…” A month or so later, Scott got in trouble and I said,”Scott, you just can’t do that!” To which he replied, “My Daddy says I can do whatever I want!” Mike had to change his evening pep talk.

One Response to “Scott Uncut”

  1. bethany Says:

    LOVE IT! I’m so happy Scott’s a texter!

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