Scott Uncut

May 4, 2009

And the student becomes the teacher:

Scott: You need to apologize for yelling at me a second ago.

Me: You’re right. I am sorry that I yelled at you. You need to apologize to me for bossing me.

Scott: I am sorry….. (completely serious…) Don’t be sad, I still love you.

Mimi’s Influence:

Scott: Do you know what I could go for? (I am not kidding, he said “go for”)

Me: What?

Scott: A cabbage roll.

Me: I didn’t know you liked cabbage rolls. Have you ever had one?

Scott: Um, Yes.

Me: Really, when?

Scott: I think around this weekend ago or something.

PS Nate slept through the night last night!!! Scott woke up at 4am screaming for his light saber, but STILL NATE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!


One Response to “Scott Uncut”

  1. Pam Says:

    I love your children so much. You are such a good mom!

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