Mean Guy

June 3, 2009

I got to hang out with a very good friend today and was so thankful to get to be frazzled not feel obligated to put on a “happy mommy face”. Between us we have five kids. And they are all spazzy. It amazes me that even amongst the spazziness we are still able to carry on a conversation, that takes skill (actually, I think we are both just really good at being loud and obnoxious so we are able to just talk OVER the craziness). Anyways, in the midst of the conversation, she said that one of her favorite quotes is (sorry Carissa, I am going to screw this up) “You speak it into existence.” (it was longer and more profound than that when she said it, but after twenty gazillion interruptions, this is what I took away.) And she went on to talk about the influence our words (and worries) have over our children and our lives.

I have heard different versions of this quote before, but today it really hit my heart. My words and thoughts hold much more power than I give them credit. With my kids, in my marriage, in my friendships, in every aspect of life. What am I thinking and speaking into them? To be honest, I don’t think I have been intune enough to even answer that question. Being a parent and a wife I have influence of several lives. Am I using my power for good or evil? Or as Scott would say, “Are you a mean guy or a good guy?”

For some reason he always wants to be the mean guy.  I am hoping that will change.


One Response to “Mean Guy”

  1. Pam Says:

    I completely believe this. Words are so powerful, especially with our kids. Our words become self fullfilling prophecies for them. They become what we call them and live up to our reasonable expectations, good or bad. As parents we hold the power to “speak it into existence.” Thank you, Carissa, I love this and will write it on my quotes at school. Some children succeed inspite of their parents, but it’s usually because of them. We need to believe and breathe love and acceptance into each other every chance we get. It’s interesting the power God has given us and we so often don’t use it. Wonder why?

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