Menu Plan Monday

June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Week to ME! Since I plan on forcing my family to somewhat spoil me this week (nothing like forced love!) I am trying to plan basic easy meals. Not a lot of prep or clean up.

Monday: Grill out Burgers w/ corn on the cob (carry over from last night)

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Salad (I will probably serve in sandwich form w/ sweet potato fries)

Wednesday: Bacon Egg Cheese Tomato Sandwiches (I feel like I have menu planned these quite often lately, no idea why…. they just keep sounding good and are so easy) w/ sauteed spinach or maybe steamed asparagus

Thursday: I have been staring at my computer screen for like 20 minutes with a mushy brain trying to come up with something that sounds good and easy this is what I ended up with….. Calazones…boring, but oh so good!

Friday: Indian Taco Fundraiser in Bville with my grandparents (and then we are hitting the kiddie park!)

Saturday: Out to Eat Birthday Dinner with Mike

Sunday: BIRTHDAY! My parents are making my birthday dinner and dessert. I still am deciding what to request… any suggestions???

Have a wonderful week! Check out Organzing Junkie for more recipes!

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