Scott Uncut and Nate in the Raw

June 10, 2009

Scott has been on a big kick of saying “hate”. While it is not necessarily a “bad” word, I don’t like him saying he hates everything. I explained that hate is a very strong word and while there are some things he doesn’t like, it doesn’t mean he HATES them.

Scott: What kind of things can I say I hate.

Me: I don’t know, what do you think Mike?

Mike: Umm, you can hate injustice.

Scott: I HATE injustice. (with a huge smile on his face)

Now Scott walks around talking about hating injustice all the time.

Another story:

Scott: I wish I had a “P” in my name.

Me: You do?

Scott: Wait a minute, what sound does a “P” make?

Me: P,P,P… Like PPPoppy.

Scott: Yep, that’s it. I wish  I had a “P” in my name.

Me: Why?

Scott: I just love that sound.

This next story is an example of how much more PC my son is than me. For some reason we were talking about getting married, I don’t remember how it came up.

Scott: I want to marry a firefighter when I grow up.

Me: (trying to think of what to say) Umm. You don’t think you want to marry a girl?

Scott: Mom, girls can be firefighters too. (while staring at me like I am a complete moron.)

Nate Update: He stood by himself 3 times yesterday! Just for a second, but still! He is completely weaned and I am completely excited about being finished with nursing. We are now working on sleeping through the night….


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