Gun and Skateboard

June 27, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. I have always resisted the dorky sunshade for your car wind shield, BUT it truly does reduce the tempature of your car. I am now a fan.

2. If I let Nate drink his milk while we are reading books, he will actually sit and let me read to him! (I was very excited to learn this!)

3. I seriously need to pull it together with birthday party planning and present researching. Scott has been saying since Christmas that he wants a gun and a skateboard for his birthday party. A gun, ugh. I am on a hunt to find a non violent looking gun (yea, I know…) and a pirate skateboard that is small enough for a 39 inch tall, 28 lb boy!

4. I really want to get a dog. I’m trying to talk Mike into making it a Christmas present for the boys.

5. Maxi dresses are a yes. (Even though I have this nagging feeling I will look back on pictures of myself and laugh, saying that I look like a pregnant prairie girl.)

6. I would rather have Mike be out of town an extra night than have him come back in town at 1 am.

7. Nate likes broccoli. Slathered in butter of course.

8. I am getting really excited about our multi class eleven year reunion. There are a couple pf people I wonder about….

What did you learn this week?


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