Belt It Out

July 31, 2009

For a chunk of time in college Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “I’ll Take My Chances” was my roll down my windows, smoke a cigarette and sing at the top of my lungs song. Thinking about my bra dilemma made me feel so practical and boring and predictable. I really don’t want to become that mom in mom jeans that doesn’t know she is in mom jeans. You know who I am talking about. I am not saying I wish I was in college again, actually there is nothing I would change about my current life. It is a personal issue. I need to take more chances. I need to race (even though the thought makes me want to go diarrhea), I need to wear my favorite white tank top even though it will get slimmed. If I have learned anything through moving 500 million times, it is:  nothing has to be permanent. And if I have learned anything since having kids: the only thing that is certain is that time will not stand still. I don’t get to redo my day or my last hour, but I can make it count. I can be at the park with kids attacking me and know I have on a hot pink bra with black polka dots.

The other day I popped Mary into my CD player rolled down my minivan windows (only the front ones of course), wished I was smoking (I am much to responsible for that these days), but I still belted it out (with Scott laughing and Nate screaming in the background). It felt so good.


Menu Plan Monday

July 27, 2009

Did you miss me last week (ha!)?  Mike was out of town the week before on Friday and Saturday, so my days were all off. And Monday wasn’t Monday to us, it was BIRTHDAY PARTY night! Also, it would have been a really boring menu plan… Monday Night- Birthday Party, Tuesday-Friday- Mike Gone, Saturday- Reunion Dinner. See…boring, aren’t you glad I didn’t make you actually read that last Monday. This week though, will knock your knee highs off! (just kidding, hopefully you are not currently wearing knee highs.) Actually, I am a little brain dead from our whirl wind reunion week end so I will be doing some Lyon Family Basics.

Monday: Blackened Tilapia w/ rice pilaf

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings (I haven’t made this before, but hopefully it will be good!) w/ brussel sprouts

Wednesday: Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday: French Toast or Breakfast Burritos w/ fruit salad

Friday: Grilled Pizzas (never ended up making them week before last because I fell in LOVE with the Flatout Flat bread and ate it all before it was pizza night!)

Saturday: Out or leftovers (AUGUST 1ST! This has nothing to do with meal planning,  I just can’t believe it is already August!)

Sunday: Bacon Egg Cheese Tomato Sandwiches w/ sauteed spinach

Are you eating anything exciting this week? (I ask this every week and the only a couple of people have actually given me some recipe ideas, come on people, this is not a rhetorical question, I love hearing about people’s tried and trues, BECAUSE I want to steal your ideas, I have no orginal recipes… it is sad really.)

Check out Organizing Junkie for more ideas…

3 Dog Dang

July 25, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Everyone from high school looks the same (in a good way!) or even better. And everyone’s kids are ADORABLE. It is kind of weird actually. I mean I knew we were fabulous then, but I am glad to see we have all kept the fabulousness through out the years.

2. I think I will invent a jewelery box that is for the car. 88% of the time I forget to put on earrings or my wedding ring and don’t remember until I am in the car and I am not going back inside to grab what I need. I will call it something super creative like “Jewels on The Go” and sell it on QVC.

3.  I am so digging Nate’s personality right now. He is that perfect mix of baby love and attitude.

4. It is hard for Scott and me to adjust to Mike coming home sometimes. Not that we aren’t excited to see him, it is just that we get in our own groove while he is gone and then it takes a day or two to adjust to having someone else around again. Does that make sense?

5. It is time for the vasectomy. After Nate was born, we were pretty sure we were done, but I wanted to wait until he was one before making it official. I think you know you don’t want more babies when you see a mom with a new baby and instead of your first thought being, “Ahhh, how sweet.” Your first two thoughts are, ” (shudder) Thank God that is not me. And Thank God, I never have to go through that again.”*

6. We get to move back into our house in September!

7. I wish babysitters could baby sit for free and count the time towards their community service hours at school.

8. My friend Melissa said on her blog, “3 dog dang” as in “I don’t give a 3 dog dang” (she’s a Texan). Is that not the awesomest phrase you have heard in a long time?  I keep meaning to use it and keep forgetting.

*No offense to moms with new babies. You and your babies are adorable and will live long and happy lives together.

What did you learn this week?

Little Runner Boy

July 21, 2009

When Mike is out of town I am forced able to run with both my kids in the double jogger. Scott lately has been wanting to get out and run with me, so he got his first pair of running shoes. (he is totally pumped and has now decided he wants to race, I have no idea if 4 year olds are allowed to race, but I am looking into it).  Last week, I sunscreened everyone up, packed snacks, 3 waters, Nate’s paci,  put on Scott’s running shoes and headed out. He would get out and run with me about every 15 minutes for a couple of minutes and then hop back in the stroller. I am trying to teach him running “rules” so he doesn’t become like a Fleet Feeter. My heart melted when we were passing a walker and Scott yelled out in his adorable voice, “On your left!”.

Sometimes I have those moments when I look at my kids and think, “Oh, I get it. This is what life is all about.” Seeing my baby run in front of the massive stroller, flailing his arms about (remember that Friends episode when Rachel and Phoebe run together? Scott is totally Phoebe.), screaming “I am winning! I am going to beat you!”, and then suddenly stopping and pointing to a piece of trash all the way down by the water and yelling, “Mom, Somebody litter bugged on Riverside! Why would Somebody litter bug on Riverside?! Oh, look they litter bugged those one chips I like!”. Those are the moments that I hope I never forget. Those moments that I want to mentally video tape and play back to myself when we are having a rage out day. To a four year old, anything can be an adventure. Sometimes I forget. I forget that he is only four. I forget how fast it is passing me by. I forget that in a month he is going to preschool. I forget that one day, to soon,  I won’t be running with him, I will be watching from the sidelines. One day, I won’t be the princess and he won’t be the pirate. One of these days I am not going to have a double jogger stuffed in the garage and I will miss it.

So today we had the boys’ birthday party. It has been confusing explaining to Scott that today is party day but not actually his birthday, so I let him open his main presents from us today and then on his actual birthday, he will open a couple of little things and presents from my parents. Two hilarious things happened involving these presents.

1. Scott opened up his guns and skateboard and was totally excited. His last present was a back pack and lunch box with skull and crossbones all over it for school next year. Scott pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, looked inside, and said, “I am just going to leave that one in there.” He was thrilled.

2. He is totally into his “space” guns. I told him before rest time that he could hold the gun but not to shoot it while we were reading (it makes all these crazy spacey sounds). We read “Guess How Much I Love You” and this is our conversation after the book was finished:

Me: I love you to the moon and back just like Big Nut Brown Hare loves his son.

Scott: (gets super close to me face)

Me: (thinking ahhh, he is going to kiss me)

Scott: (leans in puts his gun in my eyeball) I am going to have to shoot you in the face now. (proceeds to shoot me in the face)

Tots is still loud and I am so in love. He is at the super adorable stage where everything he does is hilarious and/or cute. He understands how to try to make people laugh and get their attention.  He now pulls up and we say, “Show us your moves!” and he will let go and stand for a couple of seconds and then sit down and start cracking up. His Poppy is his new favorite person, when he sees him he screams an ear piercing when he sees him and continues to scream until we had him to the beloved Poppy.

Boys, Boys, Boys. I am so glad I have boys.

Things I learned this week:

1. For some reason I seem to think when Mike is out of town bad people are ONLY going to come in the middle of the night after I have fallen asleep. I had a long talk with myself last night (in my head of course, I’m not that weird) and came to the conclusion: I am eventually going to fall asleep, so if some one is spying on me, waiting until I go to bed, what is the difference if I fall asleep at 10 or at 1? (this conversation actually helped and I was asleep by 11:30)

2. Scott had his first rage out in a long time last night. I can’t believe I went through a couple of months of dealing with those a couple times a week if not a couple times a day. Really, I think I deserve some kind of reward for the fact that we both made it through that phase alive.

3. Not as much changes in a year as you would think. We just got back from the party store and Scott picked out the EXACT SAME pirate decorations that he picked for his party last year!

4. My bra collection currently consists of 3 beige bras, 2 black bras and 1 hot pink bra that never gets worn. When did I become so practical?

5. Along the same lines, Gap Body has the best bras. I didn’t actually learn that this week, but just thought I would share. Great prices, last forever, and fit SO much better than Victoria Secret. And it’s the Gap… something is always on sale!

6. The Target Brand Sport Spray Sunscreen smells worse than really bad smelling bug spray. It is disgusting, I am taking mine back.

7. Usually I don’t wear make up to the pool, but we went at night this week and I had already put mascara on. We got home and I looked like this. I have now added waterproof mascara to my target list. Right under “take back disgusting sunscreen” and right before “70 hot dogs”.

8. I have two days to make 7 batches for brownies.

What did you learn this week?

Menu Plan Monday

July 13, 2009

I am cleaning out the freezer this week (and by cleaning out the freezer, I mean: I am cooking less by making my family eat random leftovers). Mike will also be gone two evenings this week, so if 2+2=4 and 7-4=3 then, by my calculations, that means I will only be cooking 3 meals this week! Woo hoo! That is my kind of week (except for the Mike being gone part).

Monday: Jamacian Jerk Chicken Sandwiches w/ Salad

Tuesday: Chimichangas (freezer meal) but I linked the recipe just in case

Wednesday: Grilled Pizzas* (stolen from my friend Christy!)

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner, I think multigrain pancake, eggs, fruit…

Friday: No Mikey, leftovers or sandwiches

Saturday: No Mikey, humm, cook something random for myself and kids OR crash my parents house, hummm choices choices….

Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup (freezer)

*Use Flatout Flatbread. Brush with olive oil on one side and grill till crispy. Flip and then I use pesto, tomato slices, reduced fat feta, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Grill till cheeses are melted and bottom is brown and crispy.

Check it, double deck it: Organizing Junkie, lots more recipes!