Scott Uncut and Nate in the Raw

July 20, 2009

So today we had the boys’ birthday party. It has been confusing explaining to Scott that today is party day but not actually his birthday, so I let him open his main presents from us today and then on his actual birthday, he will open a couple of little things and presents from my parents. Two hilarious things happened involving these presents.

1. Scott opened up his guns and skateboard and was totally excited. His last present was a back pack and lunch box with skull and crossbones all over it for school next year. Scott pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, looked inside, and said, “I am just going to leave that one in there.” He was thrilled.

2. He is totally into his “space” guns. I told him before rest time that he could hold the gun but not to shoot it while we were reading (it makes all these crazy spacey sounds). We read “Guess How Much I Love You” and this is our conversation after the book was finished:

Me: I love you to the moon and back just like Big Nut Brown Hare loves his son.

Scott: (gets super close to me face)

Me: (thinking ahhh, he is going to kiss me)

Scott: (leans in puts his gun in my eyeball) I am going to have to shoot you in the face now. (proceeds to shoot me in the face)

Tots is still loud and I am so in love. He is at the super adorable stage where everything he does is hilarious and/or cute. He understands how to try to make people laugh and get their attention.  He now pulls up and we say, “Show us your moves!” and he will let go and stand for a couple of seconds and then sit down and start cracking up. His Poppy is his new favorite person, when he sees him he screams an ear piercing when he sees him and continues to scream until we had him to the beloved Poppy.

Boys, Boys, Boys. I am so glad I have boys.


2 Responses to “Scott Uncut and Nate in the Raw”

  1. Carissa Says:

    Love it! You have it perfect…two boys and then Emmy can just be your surrogate daughter since she loves you so much. And that way you don’t have to pay for all the expensive girl stuff and deal with all the emotional teenage girl crap! 🙂

  2. Liz Says:

    Finn is nuts about guns right now! I get shot at often as well.

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