3 Dog Dang

July 25, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Everyone from high school looks the same (in a good way!) or even better. And everyone’s kids are ADORABLE. It is kind of weird actually. I mean I knew we were fabulous then, but I am glad to see we have all kept the fabulousness through out the years.

2. I think I will invent a jewelery box that is for the car. 88% of the time I forget to put on earrings or my wedding ring and don’t remember until I am in the car and I am not going back inside to grab what I need. I will call it something super creative like “Jewels on The Go” and sell it on QVC.

3.  I am so digging Nate’s personality right now. He is that perfect mix of baby love and attitude.

4. It is hard for Scott and me to adjust to Mike coming home sometimes. Not that we aren’t excited to see him, it is just that we get in our own groove while he is gone and then it takes a day or two to adjust to having someone else around again. Does that make sense?

5. It is time for the vasectomy. After Nate was born, we were pretty sure we were done, but I wanted to wait until he was one before making it official. I think you know you don’t want more babies when you see a mom with a new baby and instead of your first thought being, “Ahhh, how sweet.” Your first two thoughts are, ” (shudder) Thank God that is not me. And Thank God, I never have to go through that again.”*

6. We get to move back into our house in September!

7. I wish babysitters could baby sit for free and count the time towards their community service hours at school.

8. My friend Melissa said on her blog, “3 dog dang” as in “I don’t give a 3 dog dang” (she’s a Texan). Is that not the awesomest phrase you have heard in a long time?  I keep meaning to use it and keep forgetting.

*No offense to moms with new babies. You and your babies are adorable and will live long and happy lives together.

What did you learn this week?

2 Responses to “3 Dog Dang”

  1. Carissa Says:

    I know what you mean….the last two weeks I have decided two things:

    1. I definitely don’t want to be pregnant again.
    2. I definitely don’t want to breastfeed again.

    This equals….time for the vasectomy at the Miller house too. Btw…I made the appointment and it took 2 months to get in for the consultation and 3 months for the actual procedure. Seriously?!?! Why can’t they do it…well, TODAY would be nice!

  2. Liz Says:

    I am with you on #5! I just started the pill, which is something I said I would NEVER do again b/c all the hormones and junk, but whatev. We’re planning out the big V. I watched Marley & Me the other night and commented on how it was just like our life, except we haven’t had the oops baby yet.

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