Belt It Out

July 31, 2009

For a chunk of time in college Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “I’ll Take My Chances” was my roll down my windows, smoke a cigarette and sing at the top of my lungs song. Thinking about my bra dilemma made me feel so practical and boring and predictable. I really don’t want to become that mom in mom jeans that doesn’t know she is in mom jeans. You know who I am talking about. I am not saying I wish I was in college again, actually there is nothing I would change about my current life. It is a personal issue. I need to take more chances. I need to race (even though the thought makes me want to go diarrhea), I need to wear my favorite white tank top even though it will get slimmed. If I have learned anything through moving 500 million times, it is:  nothing has to be permanent. And if I have learned anything since having kids: the only thing that is certain is that time will not stand still. I don’t get to redo my day or my last hour, but I can make it count. I can be at the park with kids attacking me and know I have on a hot pink bra with black polka dots.

The other day I popped Mary into my CD player rolled down my minivan windows (only the front ones of course), wished I was smoking (I am much to responsible for that these days), but I still belted it out (with Scott laughing and Nate screaming in the background). It felt so good.


5 Responses to “Belt It Out”

  1. Melissa Says:

    YOU GO SISTA!!!! I’m an Ani Difranco FREAK myself. Lots of BELTING IT OUT songs! Makes the soul feel good!!!

  2. bethany Says:

    Good stuff friend! And race tomorrow, will you?! Put some Carpenters on your ipod and just RUN! Can’t wait to hear about it! You’ve got nothing to lose!

    • Cori Says:

      I’m doing it. I will call you! I wish wish wish you were here to run with me.

      • bethany Says:

        OK! That cracks me up! Clearly I couldn’t have run WITH you… Little Miss Speedy Gonzalez! BUT I would have loved to be at the starting line with you and then meet you at the finish line 30 minutes after you finished…WITH your medals in hand!

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