Wink Wink

August 2, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. You know those hard plastic packs of gum that are supposed to fit in your car cup holder (which I totally don’t get, why would you leave gum in your car to melt?), anyways, I always buy those since we chew gum like it is going out of style… This week I bought the Eclipse brand instead of trusty ol’ Dentyne and just FYI, the Eclipse lid does NOT stay closed if you are using this pack to throw in your diaper bag. I learned this the hard way and now, Nate’s favorite birthday present has a chunk of gum melted to the bottom of it.

2. Potato chips dipped in homemade chocolate frosting is so so good.

3. Totsie is a tricky little man. He can now climb on top of Scott’s table, stand up there and dance, scale the back of the leather chair, perch himself up there with one leg on each side of the chair back, he can climb in the fire truck at the puffies, climb up the ramp thing in the back and turn himself around and go down the slide. He can free stand and dance, but taking one itty bitty step, that is to much to ask.

4. Using earphones plugged into my phone and cleaning while talking on the phone makes chores so much more enjoyable AND I get to catch up with friends!

5. It is possible for me to run a race and not hyperventilate from fear.

6. The semi colon/parenthesis winky wink face is growing on me. The colon/parathesis smiley face, however, I will never be able to support.

7. Creepy meth lab man next door is apparently a big fan of Bonnie Raitt.

What did you learn this week?

3 Responses to “Wink Wink”

  1. martha Says:

    I learned LOTS this week, because I was out of town, but one of my favorite things I learned this week is that you can download audio books from the library for free onto your Iphone (or Ipod) and then catch up on your “reading” while driving for 14 hours 😉 also handy for cleaning..

  2. Liz Says:

    Kiki is obsessed with climbing on the coffee table! Anytime I am even sitting near it, she takes it as an invitation to climb me and get on top.

  3. Carissa Says:

    I learned that going to your husband’s high school reunion when you CAN have alcohol, is MUCH more fun than going to your own high school reunion when you have just found out your are knocked up and therefore can NOT have alchohol!

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