Menu Plan Monday (but really Tuesday)

September 8, 2009

My list of excuses of why I haven’t blogged in chronological order:

1. We were on vacation for a week.

2. While on vacation we decided… “Let’s move a week after we get back and take advantage of the long weekend instead of moving the next week end.”

3. Four days after returning from vacation and madly packing, Scott got the pukers.

4. That evening I got the pukers. FOR THREE DAYS! I don’t remember ever being that sick for that long, it was bad.

5. In the middle of this, Scott had his first day of school. He didn’t make it to the second day of school because he had more stomach issues.

6.After I could finally stand up straight, I had 2 days left until move day.

7. We moved on Friday. We are now completely unpacked, decorated, and settled.

I am not moving again for a long long time.

Now, that we have discussed my families digestive problems, I think this is a great segway into my menu for the week (ha!)! We finally have a backyard again, so we will be having easy meals on the grill, while the kids get to run wild. On a side note… Can you believe it is September? Less than a month to the fair!

Monday: Labor Day (I take full advantage of every holiday possible as an excuse not to cook)

Tuesday: Grilled Mahi Mahi, rice pilaf, grilled veggies

Wednesday: Grilled BBQ Chicken with bread machine french bread and veggies (my friend Carissa said the secert to moist chicken on the grill is to microwave it before grilling, I am going to try that this time and see… Carissa, if you are reading this… how long do you microwave it?)

Thursday: Crockpot Roast w/ potatoes and carrots

Friday: Burgers and Grilled Veggies

Saturday: Homemade Pizza (maybe grilled?!) with my mom’s homemade pesto sauce

Sunday: Leftovers or Sandwiches

What are you cooking this week? Anything yummy???

8 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday (but really Tuesday)”

  1. Sara Says:

    Glad you guys are settled in, that was quick! We’ll have to try to get together soon. I have a recipe for the most delicious grilled pizzas, one is BBQ chicken and one is shrimp and feta. I’ll have to look for it and send it to you. I may attempt to make those this week, thanks for the idea!!

  2. Liz Says:

    I’ve missed you! Sounds like you might have had a worse move than I did. I hope you had movers! Anyway, I am cooking straight out of Real Simple this week. They have a segment about “A Month’s Worth of Easy Dinners” complete with shopping list. I’m trying it!

  3. Carissa Says:

    Friday sounds yummy….can I come over! 🙂 Oh and I am bringing something. What should I bring? About the microwaving….you just microwave it until it’s starting to cook but it still good and pink in the middle. White around the edges but pink in the middle. Throw it on the grill on VERY low and cook for a little bit. My favorite is to marinate all day in Zesty Italian salad dressing then cook.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Tonight we had black eyed peas and from scratch cornbread. Super yummy with the black eyed peas cooked in sauteed turkey bacon and onions.
    Homemade pizza – Twice since there were 2 pizza doughs in the package.
    Chili – Because it is September!
    Smoked sausage was on sale at Whole Foods this week so we had that and salad one night and the other package is going on the 2nd pizza dough.
    So good to read/hear from you again!

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