Menu Plan Monday

September 14, 2009

Rainy days. They make me want to eat. I asked Mike if he had any specific requests and he said, “Spaghetti and the Bagellini Sandwich.” The Bagellini, I can do. Spaghetti, I can not. I hate making spaghetti, I don’t know why, it is one the easiest meals… Actually, that is not true, I do know why, I don’t think my spaghetti is good. My mom’s spaghetti is awesome, she puts lots of time and love into it. I do not. I buy noodles, I buy sauce, I buy meat. I put it together and plop it on a plate. My mom simmers and seasons, and tastes, and simmers and seasons. She adds sausage and pork chop on the bone, and ground beef…. It is mouth watering. All that to say, this week we will have the yummy Bagellini but we will not be having spaghetti. We will wait for my mom to invite us over for that ;). (did you catch that winky face I just did, I am coming around!)

PS My mom’s pesto is delicious. I will get the recipe and post it OR mom if you are reading this… will you post it in the comments?

Monday:Veggie Quesadillas w/ leftover grilled veggies

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner, pancakes (make extra to freeze for a quick breakfast), eggs, fruit

Wednesday: Bagellini

Thursday: Burritos or Burrito Bowls with Spanish rice and melted goey cheese on top (made with Andrea style taco meat)

Friday: No More Rain! (says the 10 day forecast) Homemade Pizza Grilled

Saturday: Burgers, Chicken, and Veggies on the grill, I know we just had burgers, but I am trying to hang on to every last drop of summer

Sunday: Leftovers

What are you making this week?

PPS I quit posting on Organizing Junkie. It just seemed like one more step… Just in case you were wondering!

5 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Kara Says:

    Oh man your bagellini sounds delish! I love everything bagels I honestly never thought of making a sandwich with them, thanks for the idea!
    I am trying this recipe out this week (granted if the rain stops so I can use the grill)
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Carissa Says:

    YUMMY! Can your mom invite me over for spaghetti too…that sounds delicious!!! I am like you…store bought everything and plop it on a plate for spaghetti. Oh, and rainy days make me want to eat too…and sleep. Not the best recipe for success when you still have baby weight to lose….ugh.

  3. Emily A Says:

    Hey, I’ve been doing the menu planning and it has made life so much easier!
    Here is a really easy and good spaghetti recipe I use if you ever want to try:

    I’m also making
    BBQ ribs (in the crock), baked potatoes
    Chicken w/ noodles and green beans (in the crock)
    Breaded Italian chicken with potatoes, corn
    Turkey burgers with homemade fries

    I’m sort of crock pot obsessed, obviously.

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