Shake it off: Scott Uncut and Nate in the Raw

September 17, 2009

On Monday evening, I opened the pantry door on top of my toe and fell on the floor wincing in pain and willing my self not to say a bad word. Scott (trying to be helpful) bent down beside me, started smacking patting me on the back while yelling encouraging me with these words (very close to my face), “Shake it off Mom, c’mon, just shake off. You’ll be okay, you just have to SHAKE IT OFF.”

I was squinting through the pain at him thinking, “Seriously, that is so annoying. Is that what I sound like when my kids get hurt. If so, I resolve right now to let them wallow in their pain and to never again get in their faces with the words “Shake it off”.”

On a more positive note. I am going to win Mother of the Year. Okay maybe just Mother of the Minute, or at least runner-up. I figured out a solution for the “please don’t take me to school” saga! On Tuesday while Scott was upset (this is after Monday night when he had a nervous breakdown and I found him asleep underneath his bed and when I woke him up to put him back in bed, he informed me he was hiding from school) about having to go to school.  I had run out of encouraging things to say, a higher power intervened and all of the sudden out of my mediocre mom mouth came, “I have an idea. Let’s pick out a secret treasure that you can fit in your pocket and when you get sad, you put your hand in your pocket and know that I will be there to get you soon. The only rule is, you can’t tell ANYBODY. It has to be your secret.” Tears dried up. Excitement shone through. Scott picked a silver race car. Skipped off to school. Didn’t tell a soul. (I did tell his teacher, just in case). Had a wonderful day! Today he picked a “S” puzzle piece for Scott. Another great day. It’s all coming together for ‘ol Liz Lemon. It’s all coming together.

Oh little Nater Tater. Today we went to Nate’s first ever “event”. Baby  story time at the library. Poor Nate, he has never had a play date, never been to anything baby focused…everything is always centered around Scott, so I am trying to make at least one school day all about Nate. He loved it. He was giggling, listening, clapping. It was adorable. I am refusing to feel guilty for not doing these things for him sooner. Refusing I tell you.

Nate is still, ummm, how shall we put this, “working” on walking. He is getting some major chompers and he still loves to point and scream. He does have a new trick added to his repertoire. He drinks water and then on the last drink, he holds it is his mouth with his cheeks blown up and everything, waits for you to look at him, then bends one side of his bottom lip down and soaks himself. It is to cute to be annoyed at. Oh and he really does hold the water until you are making eye contact with him, I tested him.

That is all, just a little update on the world’s most gifted adorable and multi talented children.


3 Responses to “Shake it off: Scott Uncut and Nate in the Raw”

  1. Emily Says:

    Oh dear, that is what I say to Lucien ALL THE TIME!!! Maybe I will rethink that and just tell him that I will kiss it make it better and it will all be ok!?!

  2. Erin Says:

    This is great. I love that you do all this stuff that I can read and then tuck it away for later. Good job, Lemon:)

  3. Sara Says:

    What an awesome idea. I’m so glad it’s going better. I, too, have been horrible about doing baby stuff with Sawyer. It’s been all about Thatcher. I know Nate’s a little older then Sawyer but we would love to do some baby stuff on Tues or Thurs if you guys want to. He still takes a morning nap though so timing might be hard.

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