The Magic Box

September 19, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Nate has figured out that turning on the DVD player makes the entire TV turn on.  Every time he does it, he looks around frantically waiting to see when I will notice and then stares at me with big eyes and a shocked look on his face, I think he is trying to pretend like he didn’t do it on purpose.

2. Rain gets depressing after a while.

3. I don’t get Jay Leno’s new/old show. I mean I get it because it is exactly the same as the show he just “retired” from, I don’t get why he quit one show to do the exact same show at a different time.

4. I rarely watch Biggest Loser, but since FB was all a twitter about the Oklahoma guy, I tuned in (get it…FB… all a “twitter”… Don’t worry folks, I will be here all night.) Anyways, Jillian scares me. And how does someone lose 28 lbs in a week? I mean really 28 POUNDS!

5. The Roku is really cool.

6. Sometimes, when people forget to do their chores and then it turns out to be more work than it was supposed to be, they will blame someone else for not remembering to do their chore for them.

7. Do you remember when the Valpak thing that magically appears in your mail box used to contain coupons for restaurants instead of advertisements for garage doors and carpet cleaning? I miss those days.

8. Sometimes, you get lucky and are able to help with a seemingly unhelpable situation.

That is all. What did you learn this week?

8 Responses to “The Magic Box”

  1. Martha Says:

    The guy on biggest loser from broken arrow, his kids go to wolf creek (my boys’ school) and they do boy scouts too. I don’t know him personally but Jeremy does.
    Jillian is scary but apparently it works! I love her 30 min shred, actually I hate it too.

  2. Carissa Says:

    You know that Sean, the youth minister at Jenks Church, is on the Biggest Loser too right? Also, Lauren and I have been watching too and last week we decided that we want to get paid millions of dollars to yell at people while they work out like Jillian does. But yes, she scares me too.

  3. Carissa Says:

    P.S. – Do you want me to come yell and scream at you while you run this week to make your workouts more efficient? I could ride along side you on my bike because God knows I can’t run as fast as you…..Let me know, we can talk money if you are interested.

  4. Cori Says:

    I didn’t know there were two OK people! I was talking about Sean… Who is the other guy? And thanks for the offer Carissa, but I already have kids yelling and screaming at me all day, which motivates me to run to get away from them!

  5. Mike Says:

    No husband bashing on your blog. (yeah, I read it)

  6. Liz Says:

    Kiki has learned which button to push to turn off the tv. We now have a massive collection of baskets/toys piled in front of the television to keep her from reaching it, but it doesn’t stop her from constantly trying.
    I learned that it’s kinda simple to register a domain name, but that I should commit to blogging more before I start paying for it.

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