Menu Plan Monday

September 21, 2009

So the last two weeks, we have overloaded on Mexican food. We can’t stop. Tonight we even had all our leftovers in nacho form. So this week, I am going to try to veer away a little… I got an email from some recipe place that spams me that was advertising 38 delicious casserole recipes, I thought, “Hmmm, casserole sounds good. It is rainy and cool out, yum!”. I opened the spam and to my disappointment it was only 10 casserole recipes and only two actually sounded good, BUT it got me thinking about casseroles. So this week I am going to try a new one.

Monday: Grilled Tilapia with fried okra

Tuesday: Emily left me this recipe in my comments last week to solve my spaghetti conundrum… Slow Simmered Spaghetti and Meatballs, I am excited to try it! (if it is bad blame Emily ;))

Wednesday: So this is the casserole I choose…. It sounds extremely healthy, that is what first attracted me to it… Breakfast Casserole Supreme with our new obsession clementines

Thursday: Blackened Chicken Sandwiches with veggies of some sort (blackened chicken with provolone cheese and avocado slices)

Friday: Hot dogs and Smores… Mike and Scott are having a backyard camp out (isn’t that so cute!)

Saturday: Homemade Pizza Night (carried over from last week)

Sunday: Leftovers

What are you making this week?


8 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Martha Says:

    Monday-Tacos and rice and beans (of course)
    Tuesday Spaghetti
    Wednesday stuffed meatloaf
    Thursday grilled chicken and roasted sweet potatoes
    Friday mac and cheese

    Nothing really exciting…

  2. Kara Says:

    ok, so we got the virus last week and cooking sounded like a BAD idea, so no I didn’t get to try the pork tenderloin. But I am this week and I will let you know how it is!!!! I am also going to try a new recipe this week….

    it sounds wonderful, though I am not sure how spicy it will be but I will let you know if it is a success!!

    Monday- carmelized chipolte chicken
    Tuesday- chili (i’m hoping for rain)
    wednesday-honey glazed cumin pork tenderloin
    thursday-chicken enchiladas
    friday- smoked brisket w/ wet rub

  3. Lori Says:

    We had a breakfast casserole last week. It was good for dinner that night and breakfast a day later. Although it still did not taste as good as mom’s even though I followed her recipe.

  4. Kristin Says:

    Monday- Creamy Beef Enchiladas
    Tuesday- Spaghetti
    Wednesday- Church is making dinner for me!
    Thursday-Chicken Pesto Sandwiches
    Friday- Italian Pork Chops
    Saturday-Chip Crusted Chicken
    Sunday- Kielbasa Chili

    PS I have some yummy casserole dishes that are kid friendly…one of them is even mexican!!

    • Cori Says:

      I don’t know why I didn’t see this comment earlier…. Send the casserole dishes my way!
      PS Maybe I should start going to church so I can have one less meal to cook ;)….

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