Menu Plan Monday

October 5, 2009

The Slow Cooker Brisket from last week was so good, very spicy, but delicious and it made a ton of meat (well actually, I guess it was 3 lbs, but it seemed like a ton!). We ate it on sandwiches, but I froze 1/2 of it and this week I am going to use it to make chimichangas. Another adventure that relates to menu planning in a round about way… I am going to start working with Mike about 6 hours a week. Nothing exciting, but assistant type stuff. Really it is because he needs help and we don’t want to have to pay anyone “real” money. I have interviewed and hired a babysitter/nanny and she starts today! As for my compensation (I don’t work for free), after several rounds of negotiations we came to terms. One of my forms of payment is that on the days that I work, no cooking! Or at least intense cooking. I am thinking maybe premade meals from Whole Foods. I don’t really want to add more restaurant food to our diet…. I am really excited about this!

OH! Just FYI. I bought sausages to grill out from the meat counter at WF last week and they were NOT good. Really dry and grainy tasting.

Monday: Papa Johns Monday Night pizza deal (this is an exception to my WF take out plan ;)) w/ caesar salad

Tuesday: Turkey Chili (doesn’t chili just sound delicious…)

Wednesday: Hash brown, egg, veggie scramble

Thursday: Chimichangas with leftover brisket from last week

Friday: Hot Turkey Cheese Sandwiches and some kind of veggie

Saturday: Grilling out Cheesy Brats, Corn, Veggies and Baked Beans

Sunday: Leftovers

What is cookin’ at your house this week?

PS Why does my wordpress spell check not recognize chimichanga? I find that weird.


3 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Liz Says:

    Chili does sound awesome. But so does pizza now…

  2. Martha Says:

    also on Saturday night you will be having some YUMMY homemade brownies!

  3. Mike Says:

    I thought chimichanga was a national icon. It definetly should be recognized. And you aren’t an assistant, you are the Executive Vice President.

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