Menu Plan Monday

November 30, 2009

I think the sign of a good vacation/break is when it is over, you are actually tired of being lazy! We had an excellent break. We did nothing exciting and it was wonderful.

I can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner. We have busted out all our decorations and decorated while in t shirts and flip flops! I love the weather lately. However, according to my weather source, it is going to get a little cooler this week. Sniff, sniff.

Another exciting occurrence this week… Scott is starting a new school. I was worried about switching him mid year, but we visited right before Thanksgiving break and explained that after Thanksgiving he would get to go to his “new school” and he has talked about it non stop (in a good way!). Very exciting stuff around here!

OH and I totally forgot to mention last week, I finally made the Brie and Chicken and Oh. My. Goodness. It was incredible. I am sure it was 50 million calories, but worth every bite. Thanks Sara!

Here’s what’s cookin’ at our house…. (I am really excited to try the Sweet Potato Corn Bread, it sounds like an easy way to sneak in some sweet potato disguised as butter and honey drenched goodness!)

Monday: Fish Chowder – I have to admit… I am a little nervous about this. I have NEVER made a soup involving fish, but I had leftover fish from tonight and fish is not something re heatable (in my opinion) so I am going to try it. Any tips??? Also, as per the reviews, I am using 4 cups milk and 3 cups water instead of the recipe ratios….

Tuesday: Spanish Chicken Rice Bake

Wednesday: Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwiches and Homemade Tomato Soup (I haven’t made this combo in awhile and it sounds so good….)

Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken and Corn Chili (based on the reviews, I will be adding a can (or two) of diced tomatoes with green chilis and 2 tsps of sugar) with Sweet Potato Corn Bread

Friday: Meatball Subs (seriously, what is my deal with the carrying over lately!) and Salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes, fruit, french toast, eggs etc…)


Early Morning

November 25, 2009

I ran the Route 66 Half Marathon on Sunday. It was wonderful. Perfect weather, I was happy with my time, but the best part was hearing my babies (Mike included) cheering for me.

I had told Mike that if the kids woke up in time and he wanted to get everyone to the race that was great, but not to feel obligated. I wasn’t doing the girl thing of saying the opposite of what I wanted, I really meant it. The race started at 7:30 and I totally know how hard it is to get everyone out the house before 8:30, let alone find a parking spot, unload both kids, walk downtown, and fight the crowds at the finish line. So I didn’t get my hopes up that they would be at the finish line.

Hearing your husband scream your name, while simultaneously holding your four year old up so he can see you, snapping pictures and holding the double stroller containing your sixteen month steady with his knee is a beautiful beautiful sight.

A couple steps down the line, my parents (my mom kicked booty in her 5k by the way) were cheering me on.

I was smiling so big crossing the finish line it hurt.

To say I feel lucky sounds so cliche. I have a husband who cheers me on, supports me, encourages me and most of is proud of me. I have a four year old that after my race told me, “You were so fast, you did so good. You were so great, you even got a medal!” I have a sixteen month old that does the happy grunt when we sees me and wants to hug me, sweaty pig tails and all. I have parents who got to the race 3o minutes earlier than they needed to be there for my mom’s race (when you are talking about waking up at 5:30 am, 30 minutes is a lifetime!) just to be there for my start.

I have legs that run. I have a heart that beats. I have a healthy family. I have happy kids. I have a loving husband.

Sometimes you have those overwhelming moments that knock your breath out in a good way. Today was one of those days. I observed my life from a distance and really liked what I saw.

Menu Plan Monday

November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week! If you know me well, you know that my favorite part of any holiday is the not cooking. That is not true for Thanksgiving. My mom who loves me lets me be in charge of desserts which is my favorite thing to make (this is because dessert is my favorite part of the meal and I want to make sure they are good).

Another exciting event this week is that we will be ditching the kids for OVER 24 HOURS! Aaaahhhh, I can feel the relaxation setting in already. I would give details but they are a surprise for Mike (this is part of his birthday celebration) and since I know he reads this blog religiously 😉 I don’t want to ruin it for him.

OH and I am chopping my hair on Wednesday. This has nothing to do with cooking or menu planning, but I am excited anyways. It will be going to Locks of Love and will hopefully make someone happy someday. That is pretty much our week ahead.

Have a wonderful holiday and share some of those turkey leftover ideas with me!

Monday: Mike and I will be on a mini vacation. Eating out.

Tuesday: I am not sure if we will be picking up the kids before or after dinner, but eating out either way!

Wednesday: Pre Thanksgiving Fast. Broth and water.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING! I will be making the two chocolate pies (I buy crust at WF in the frozen section, they are only $2.97 for two organic crusts!). Two of my classic Thanksgiving go to, the famed Pumpkin Roll. The Pumpkin Roll is a pain to make, but very worth it. And two loaves of bread that I am going to let my bread maker slave away on.

Friday: Post Thanksgiving Fast. Broth and water.

Saturday: Grilled Tilapia, rice, grilled veggies

Sunday: Meat Ball Subs (carried over from last week, Mike was out-of-town most of last week and wanted to hit El Tequila on opening night before he left. Yes, that means the kids and I went twice in one week. No, I am not ashamed. It was delicious.) and Salad

*Before call DHS, I am joking about the fasting. Wednesday, we will have grilled chicken sandwiches and on Friday, I am assuming we will be chowing on leftovers.

I feel like it has been awhile since I have done a kid update. So here ya go:

Scott has started very long, intense and exhausting questions. I love that he is so thoughtful and inquisitive, but it also wears me out. I have to talk to keep my inner monologue going in pep talk mode, it is like running a race, “Come on, you can do it Cori, one more question. Don’t get frustrated, you are GLAD he is asking wondering about his world. 2 more hours until rest time, then two hours until Mike gets home, and then 2 hours until bed time. YOU CAN DO THIS!” What makes up for all the question are the hilarious things he says. He is going through a phase of not wanting anyone to laugh at him though, so we have to keep in on the down low. I have no idea where he comes up with half this stuff. Here are a couple of recent conversations:

We had just pulled into the parking lot at school:

Random Girl in Scott’s Class: (screaming) Scott, Hi! Mom, that is Scott from my class…..

Scott: (stares at her in silence)

Me: Is that girl in your class?

Scott: Yessss. (says it in a hush hush, don’t make eye contact kind of voice)

Me: Is she your friend?

Scott: Sigh, she just likes me. I mean she like REALLY likes me. I think she might love me. She just keeps on liking me to much.

Me: And so it begins.

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for date night, which involved actually putting on eyeshadow….

Scott: Came to the bathroom door…. Stared at me… “You are looking different.”

Me: Well, I have make up on!

Scott: Ummm, you look pretty. But like a different kind of girl. Kind of like a rock star kind of girl.

Me: Thanks?

Scott: (still staring at me) Ummmm, your welcome.

Another conversation:

Scott: Mom, do you know how to be tough.

Me: Yes. Do you know how to be tough?

Scott: Yes. To be tough, you have to rip all your clothes (starts pretend ripping his clothes), have messed up crazy hair (messes up his hair), and you can never ever talk to anyone.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Hmmmm, I guess that is one way to look tough.

Scott: Yep.

There are many many more, I just can’t remember them all! I wish I had a constant video camera in our house that recorded all these moments that I know will slip away. Edit: Okay, I wish I had video camera in my house that never recorded me yelling or losing my temper or looking gross, but edited itself to only include the loving beautiful moments!

Nate. Nate is awesome. He is at that age where everything he does is wonderfully entertaining. He is old enough to be funny, but not quite old enough that he is manipulative. He has a million facial expressions (which I think is to make up for the lack of actual words!) and they are all adorable. He copies everything Scott does and thankfully Scott loves that. He tries to run but can’t quite get all the movements to come together. When he does say a word, he says it how we must look when we try to get him to talk…. He leans forward, pushes up eyebrows, makes eye contact and sllllooowwwllly says the word. Then he cracks up. He treats life like a toddler. A big fun game. Every moment with him reminds me to smile.

One of my very favorite things, is that when one of the boys is upset, the other boy feels it. When Scott cries, Nate follows him fake crying. When Nate cries, Scott tries to fix it. I love that.


Menu Plan Monday

November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Week to Mike! He will be turning 30 on Friday! I have known Mike since he was 14 years old and he gets better every year. I will say though, the last eight years have been his finest ;).

Mike- I love you and adore you. There is no one I would rather grow old with. Higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas.

I feel like I am already in vacation mode knowing that next week will be Thanksgiving week and Mike is HOME all week. I can’t wait. Plus Mike and I celebrating next week so we are having the sitter come Monday, then my parents are keeping the kids that night and Tuesday during the day so we will be away more than 24 hours!!! I am planning and counting down. That being said, this will be a mellow cooking week!

PS The Beef Barley Soup last week was excellent. Plus, I put it in the crock pot which made it even easier…

Monday: Brie Chicken, Egg Noodles and Salad (seriously, I can’t pull it together! This is officially the third week this has been on the menu. Sara- I WILL be making it this week!)

Tuesday: OH OH OH! I am so excited, last week at WF they had Cowboy Meatballs on super sale so I bought some to make meatball subs this week. We bought Cowboy Burgers this summer and they are so good, so I am assuming the meatballs will be yummy too!

Wednesday: El Tequila is finally opening by our house so we are going to celebrate with my parents! Celebrate what? To celebrate El Tequila opening right by our house! Yes, it takes that little to cause celebration at our house.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner. Fluffy Pancakes, cheesy eggs, fruit, butter and gooey maple syrup. I saw this pancake recipe on the other day and have wanted to try it out. I have never seen a pancake recipe that involves vinegar,  so….

Friday: Happy Birthday Baby! You pick….

Saturday: Spaghetti Dinner (race tomorrow!)

Sunday: Celebrating Mike’s 30TH!!!! He has requested Hideaway (I am not going to take it personally that he doesn’t want me to cook ;)!) I will making Chocolate Creme Pie (Heidi gave me this recipe and it is WONDERFUL!) and Scott has requested cupcakes for his dad’s birthday to he will be making those (I am sure they will involve some sort of pirate theme)!

What are you cooking?

Liar Liar

November 14, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy.

2. The rage outs are back. God help us all. Not as bad as before, so that part is nice.

3. I need some decorating inspiration! Any blogs/sites you recommend? The wall above my couch is cold and lonely.

4. Tots has added some more words to his repertoire! Of course, still no “Mama” but at least he can say “grapes”, I am sure that is more useful any way!

5. In order to maximize getting cable… You have to:

a. Remember to DVR the shows you want to watch.

b. Remember to fast forward through commercials.

6. Rachel Ray lies.

7. I know this is negative, but I am so glad the school year is almost half way over. Sigh.

8. Getting to look forward to date night all week is almost as fun as actual date night. I love anticipation.

9. When you are dreading going home and cleaning, your husband might surprise you!

What did you learn this week?

Menu Plan Monday

November 9, 2009

Back to reality. I have to start cooking again this week! Woe is me…

Actually, I have had such a break, some of my regulars are actually sounding good! (Thank you Mom for feeding us when Evie was here!)

Side Note: We have decided that once a weekend we are going to eat at the mall or eat an early dinner and then take the kids to play at the mall. Why you ask? We are bored, I answer. I love the time change in the mornings, not so much once night hits. What are you supposed to do with your kids when it is dark at 5:30? That is 2 hours of inside entertainment before Nate goes to bed! So if it is Friday or Saturday and you are thinking…. “This is boring, let’s go somewhere!” Come meet us at the mall!

Happy Cooking!

Monday: Taco Salad (using Andrea’s Taco Meat Mix)

Tuesday: Brie Chicken with Egg Noodles (carried over from last week…)

Wednesday: Blackened Mahi Mahi, Rice and Asparagus

Thursday: Grilled Flat Bread Pizza (no, we don’t eat these every week, they have been on the menu, but we didn’t end up making them….)

Friday: Mall Night

Saturday: Date Night (maybe, it is being switched from last week….)

Sunday: Beef Barley Soup (my friend Heidi has a great dinner blog and she is going to start posting a soup every week! I am so excited about this!!!(