Scott Uncut and Nate In the Raw

November 20, 2009

I feel like it has been awhile since I have done a kid update. So here ya go:

Scott has started very long, intense and exhausting questions. I love that he is so thoughtful and inquisitive, but it also wears me out. I have to talk to keep my inner monologue going in pep talk mode, it is like running a race, “Come on, you can do it Cori, one more question. Don’t get frustrated, you are GLAD he is asking wondering about his world. 2 more hours until rest time, then two hours until Mike gets home, and then 2 hours until bed time. YOU CAN DO THIS!” What makes up for all the question are the hilarious things he says. He is going through a phase of not wanting anyone to laugh at him though, so we have to keep in on the down low. I have no idea where he comes up with half this stuff. Here are a couple of recent conversations:

We had just pulled into the parking lot at school:

Random Girl in Scott’s Class: (screaming) Scott, Hi! Mom, that is Scott from my class…..

Scott: (stares at her in silence)

Me: Is that girl in your class?

Scott: Yessss. (says it in a hush hush, don’t make eye contact kind of voice)

Me: Is she your friend?

Scott: Sigh, she just likes me. I mean she like REALLY likes me. I think she might love me. She just keeps on liking me to much.

Me: And so it begins.

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for date night, which involved actually putting on eyeshadow….

Scott: Came to the bathroom door…. Stared at me… “You are looking different.”

Me: Well, I have make up on!

Scott: Ummm, you look pretty. But like a different kind of girl. Kind of like a rock star kind of girl.

Me: Thanks?

Scott: (still staring at me) Ummmm, your welcome.

Another conversation:

Scott: Mom, do you know how to be tough.

Me: Yes. Do you know how to be tough?

Scott: Yes. To be tough, you have to rip all your clothes (starts pretend ripping his clothes), have messed up crazy hair (messes up his hair), and you can never ever talk to anyone.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Hmmmm, I guess that is one way to look tough.

Scott: Yep.

There are many many more, I just can’t remember them all! I wish I had a constant video camera in our house that recorded all these moments that I know will slip away. Edit: Okay, I wish I had video camera in my house that never recorded me yelling or losing my temper or looking gross, but edited itself to only include the loving beautiful moments!

Nate. Nate is awesome. He is at that age where everything he does is wonderfully entertaining. He is old enough to be funny, but not quite old enough that he is manipulative. He has a million facial expressions (which I think is to make up for the lack of actual words!) and they are all adorable. He copies everything Scott does and thankfully Scott loves that. He tries to run but can’t quite get all the movements to come together. When he does say a word, he says it how we must look when we try to get him to talk…. He leans forward, pushes up eyebrows, makes eye contact and sllllooowwwllly says the word. Then he cracks up. He treats life like a toddler. A big fun game. Every moment with him reminds me to smile.

One of my very favorite things, is that when one of the boys is upset, the other boy feels it. When Scott cries, Nate follows him fake crying. When Nate cries, Scott tries to fix it. I love that.



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