Menu Plan Monday

November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week! If you know me well, you know that my favorite part of any holiday is the not cooking. That is not true for Thanksgiving. My mom who loves me lets me be in charge of desserts which is my favorite thing to make (this is because dessert is my favorite part of the meal and I want to make sure they are good).

Another exciting event this week is that we will be ditching the kids for OVER 24 HOURS! Aaaahhhh, I can feel the relaxation setting in already. I would give details but they are a surprise for Mike (this is part of his birthday celebration) and since I know he reads this blog religiously 😉 I don’t want to ruin it for him.

OH and I am chopping my hair on Wednesday. This has nothing to do with cooking or menu planning, but I am excited anyways. It will be going to Locks of Love and will hopefully make someone happy someday. That is pretty much our week ahead.

Have a wonderful holiday and share some of those turkey leftover ideas with me!

Monday: Mike and I will be on a mini vacation. Eating out.

Tuesday: I am not sure if we will be picking up the kids before or after dinner, but eating out either way!

Wednesday: Pre Thanksgiving Fast. Broth and water.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING! I will be making the two chocolate pies (I buy crust at WF in the frozen section, they are only $2.97 for two organic crusts!). Two of my classic Thanksgiving go to, the famed Pumpkin Roll. The Pumpkin Roll is a pain to make, but very worth it. And two loaves of bread that I am going to let my bread maker slave away on.

Friday: Post Thanksgiving Fast. Broth and water.

Saturday: Grilled Tilapia, rice, grilled veggies

Sunday: Meat Ball Subs (carried over from last week, Mike was out-of-town most of last week and wanted to hit El Tequila on opening night before he left. Yes, that means the kids and I went twice in one week. No, I am not ashamed. It was delicious.) and Salad

*Before call DHS, I am joking about the fasting. Wednesday, we will have grilled chicken sandwiches and on Friday, I am assuming we will be chowing on leftovers.

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