Saying Goodbye to “Tots”

January 2, 2010

I loved 2009. 2008 was the hardest year since Mike and I have been married so we were determined to make 2009 a year of fun, happiness, and priority focusing. And it was.  Our year in review…

Mike started his own business. A dream that he has had for a long time (AND it is doing great!)

Scott dominated his first session at gymnastics.

We moved back to Tulsa. My kids now think my parents house is their second home. We have made some wonderful new friends and have gotten to reconnect with old ones.

We spent the summer at the pool. Scott took swim lessons and was a pro at the diving board by the end of the summer.

We met my mom at Whole Foods every Monday of summer for lunch and grocery shopping.

We got to go to California twice for vacation and see Evyn and Ryan.

Mike actually learned how to have a vacation and relax!

I finished nursing my last baby. (thank goodness!)

Scott started preschool, switched preschools and it is still a constant battle.

Nate started walking and talking grunting and making himself even more dear to our hearts.

We had a double birthday pool party.

Mike and I celebrated being married 8 years.

Mike turned 30!

We made new traditions and clung to old ones.

We celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving with ones we love and unfortunately, away from others we love.

We kissed Uncle Richard goodbye as he moved to Spain.

I ran 3 races.

And more and more. I am happy to say I did very well on my New June Resolutions from last year! I don’t think I had a family over every single month but most months. Nate now LOVES reading, we pushed through hard stage and came out ahead! Now, on to 2010.

Like I have said before… I love making New Years Resolutions. So here they are….

1. Decide on schooling for Scott. I want to have a decision made by the end of this school year.

2. Continue my cleaning schedule. I really love how organized and on top of things I feel.

3. Take a meal to a family or neighbor once a month. I have come to the realization that at this time in my life, volunteering away from my home and kids isn’t very realistic. So I am trying to think of ways I can give from where I am.

4. Start doing yoga again. I miss it! Nate is just going to have to buck up and deal for an hour (he has issues with child care). I am going to start going to a class on Monday mornings after we drop Scott off at school. I have Nate on the list for this Monday….

Mike and I also made a couple of family goals:

1. Start attending a church regularly and get involved in a small group. We kind of took the year off from organized religion (for many reasons… that is a whole blog in its own). We actually loved the break, but we are ready to jump in again. Honestly, it is mostly for our kids and for the small group support system aspect.

2. We are saying goodbye to the nickname Tots/Totsie. Nate is becoming Nate or Keener. (His full name is Nathan Keener)… We decided if we don’t do it now, he is going to end up being a fourth grader named Tots and that is not cool.

That is it! I am excited about 2010 and the new adventures it will bring. I am excited about turning 30, I shocked that Scott will turn 5, and I am ready to make this year even better than last.

Happy New Year!

4 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to “Tots””

  1. bethany Says:

    So glad you guys had a better year=) Love your resolutions!

  2. Carissa Says:

    HAPPY 2010!! So sad that I can’t call Nate TOTS anymore but I totally understand. You know we will be in the same boat with CoCo. I better enjoy it because it looks like we are on the clock before we have to say goodbye to his “baby nickname” too.

  3. Liz Says:

    Those are some great resolutions. I like the idea of taking dinner to someone.

  4. midlifereality Says:

    Love you and your family.

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