Menu Plan Monday

January 4, 2010

After a wonderful Christmas break…back to reality! I am already (it is Saturday night right now) teary eyed over Scott having to go back to school after having 3 weeks of freedom. And by freedom I mean, freedom from the stress and tears of the whole thing. He started talking yesterday about not wanting to go back…. I am actually thinking about bribing him.

Don’t judge me. My thought is a chart in which every time he goes to school with out crying or complaining, he gets a sticker after 6 stickers (two weeks of school), he gets to go to have ice cream and a movie that day after school. Will that scar him for life? Is it okay to bribe a child to not cry? I have no idea, but I am feeling a little desperate. There is only so much my heart can handle. I am about to just pull him out. (okay that sounded a little dramatic, but seriously, it is rough stuff!)

Sorry about that tangent. Back to the point of this post. Food. I have a bag of egg noodles in my pantry that I keep squashing so it is time to get rid of it… Enter: Beef Stroganoff. I have never made this and actually tasted it for the first time on New Year’s Eve and thought….hmmmm, Scott will eat the meat, Nate will eat the noodles, perfect!

Mike has a big day on Monday (da da da… Vasectomy Day!) his appointment is at 4pm so that changes dinner plans for Monday night.

So our week will be busy…. as I am sure every one else’s will be coming off the break. Have a wonderful first week of 2010!

Monday: Snip Snip Day! Kids will be at my parents. We will probably drive through somewhere on our way home from the sperm free office.

Tuesday: Grilled Ham Sandwiches with Corn Chowder (I am using milk instead of 1/2 & 1/2….. 2 cups of 1/2 & 1/2 is a little intense)

Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff with broccoli (according to the reviews, I will marinate add 1/2 tsp worcester, eliminate the white wine, use a red onion instead of green and marinate the meat in red wine) I am also considering using the crock pot….

Thursday: Veggie Omelets and hash browns

Friday: Giant Family Calazone with salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Out with friends

PS I never ended up making the ham from my last post, the cheapest ham I could find at Whole Foods was $43!

PPS The Honey Chicken Kabobs were awesome! I actually reserved some of the marinade and used it as a sauce and served it over noodles. Everyone loved it!

8 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Faith Says:

    How old is Scott? What would happen if you did just pull him out for a while (assuming he’s under 5-6)? And, rewarding good behavior isn’t a bad thing to do. Your chart (long term goals) sounds great!

    Good luck to Mike.

    • Cori Says:

      Faith- He is 4 (a young 4, August baby) he is in the prek class right now and will be in prek again next year to start school when he is 6. I think right now, I am going to start picking him up at 1 (instead of 2:30) and start the chart. He only goes MWF but since he will have another year of prek, he will be fine missing the afternoon. We’ll see! Thanks for all your good advice!

      PS I will pass your message to Mike!

  2. Carissa Says:

    I bribe. And do sticker charts. So if it is a bad thing….we are both bad moms together at least!

    P.S. – Tell Mike “Good Luck” and to give Michael a call if he needs a pep talk!


  3. Brandi Says:

    Bribing is not bad at all – especially w/stickers. He gets to see his progress, yet he’s still learning to earn his reward long term.

    I have (at least) one rewards kid and one punishment kid. They are just motivated by different stuff.

  4. bethany Says:

    Bribe on! I think that’s a great idea!! The chart will be a great visual reminder to him of where he is during the week. What if you had a smaller reward after the first week (3 days, right?) and then the bigger reward after the 6 days? (I’m just thinking two weeks might seem a little long to him at first?) Maybe after the first week he could do something small like stay up a few minutes little later? I don’t know – I’d say let him chose what he wants to work for – will be more motivating.

    Oh and good luck Mike!

  5. Liz Says:

    Nate eats real noodles? Not just crunchy little things that come out of a Gerber tub? I’m impressed. I like to cook stew meat in the crock pot all day for beef stroganoff. It makes it really tender and super yummy.

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