Menu Plan Monday

January 11, 2010

Okay, so the Beef Stroganoff was a hit (once I convinced Scott it looked gross BUT tasted good, it really does look quite gross though). Also the Corn Chowder was quite good. On breakfast for dinner night, I decided to be daring and made a quiche. I realized I had a frozen pie crust and then I just mixed some eggs, cheese, sausage and milk together and baked it. Eh, it was okay, BUT not bad and usually I don’t make anything with out a recipe so I will consider it a success.

This week, it just kind of a normal week. Nothing too exciting going on! Although, I am going to have to figure out a different grocery shopping plan. I have done it on Mondays for a long time, it just feels good to start the week off with fresh food around the house BUT my new yoga class is on Mondays at 10:30, not enough time to go in between dropping Scott off and class and not enough time from after class to picking Scott up. My choices are going to be either to go on Sunday (that would be I would have to do my menu plan on Sat, boring) or on Tuesday (fine, but then I will have to plan ahead from the following Monday). Do you see what a conundrum this is? Ahhh, the woes of a Stay at Home Mom. Maybe I can try to go Monday after naps? That seems a little tight between naps and dinner. Don’t worry friends, I will survive this and I will press on. It will take strength and courage, but I will stand victorious.

Monday: Fish Tacos (I have fish in the freezer that I am thawing, I forgot this week about my yoga conflict issue) I am going to attempt to make yummy fish tacos from ingredients I have on hand. Blacken the fish, serve on tortilla with lettuce, salsa, cheese, and yogurt… will this be good or bad? I have no idea, but I am going out for coffee later and will get a second dinner if need be ;).

Tuesday: Buffalo Burgers with Salad

Wednesday: Chicken and Noodles*

Thursday: Fajita Night (it sounds more fun if you put “night” after it), chicken and steak with veggies and guac….yummmm

Friday: Out for dinner

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Homemade pizza (you can use this recipe or if you a whole foods near you, you can ask at the deli counter and they will package some of their dough for you) night with veggies

*Chicken and Noodles ala Pam Bandy

This is my moms recipe that I finally attempted to make for the first time over the holidays. It is so good and so easy. The fun part is you choose the ratios!

Celery and carrots chopped up to your taste, egg noodles, chicken and chicken broth made from the base you buy. I use the Better than Boullian Organic Chicken Base. Fill pot with water add in your base (add a little more than the instructions say) bring to a boil, add in your veggies and noodles. After the noodles are finished cooking, I taste the broth, I like it a little saltier so I usually add some more base in, and the flavor should be stronger than regular chicken noodle soup. This is not soupy like chicken and noodle soup, but more stew like so make sure you don’t use to much water in the beginning (you can always add more). Then throw in the chicken, let it simmer a while and voila! I also use a rotisserie chicken, one less step and Scott LOVES to peel the meat off the bones. I am not kidding, it keeps him busy for an hour. My mom boils a whole chicken though… so whatever you prefer!

PS While writing this, I said, “Any dinner requests this week family?” Scott screamed, “I wanna go to the Panda place!” He has been really into Chinese food lately. The he said, “I actually I want some pchicken…. that is spanish for chicken.”


4 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. bethany Says:

    Avoid WF on Sundays at ALL costs. I can’t stand it on Sundays. There are all the “I just went to church and feeling really mellow and slow” people (I’m not saying anything bad – they are just not speedy shoppers) who move way to slowly and block all the aisles. Maybe its because I am preggo but I almost went nuts yesterday. I say shoot for Monday after naps! With a good list, you could be in and out in a jiffy!

    • Cori Says:

      Our WF isn’t to bad on Sunday evenings, but it is also bananas on Sunday afternoons…. I just have no motivation to do those kind of errands on the weekends….

  2. Heidi Says:

    I shopping on Sundays. I plan my menus Sunday-Saturday but the shopping gets done (usually by my husband) on Tuesdays. It gets confusing. How’s the yoga?

    • Cori Says:

      Yoga is going great. Thanks for asking! The teacher is wonderful, but I am way out of “yoga shape”, I haven’t done it consistently since I was pregnant with Nate! Yoowza!

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