January 14, 2010

These are the reasons I am going insane today (and yes, I am completely ignoring my children to write this… they deserve it):

The day started off promising. We slept in a little, everyone was in a good mood.

First, this is what our play room looks like less than 24 hours after Mike (and Scott) completely cleaned it.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. EVERY bin is dumped out.

Second, we were running late to the aquarium to meet friends, but I texted and let them know, no big deal. The aquarium went fine, then we decided to go to lunch with friends. Things went down hill fast. Nate decided it would be fun to scream for the first twenty minutes. No, not whine, SCREAM. Have you heard Nate scream? It is loud. I was that mom that people with out kids want to kill and that people with kids felt sorry for. I even busted out the fruit snacks… nothing. Ironically, during his fit, he threw his head back and slammed it on the table and that calmed him down. (note to self, next time Nate is throwing  a fit, slam his head on a table.) He calmed down enough to save up some energy to scream the entire way home.

Next, this is a real converstation I had with Scott. I am not exaggerating:

I was getting ready to add the fajitas marinade to the meat.

S: What are we having for dinner?

Me: Faijitas.

S: Is that seafood (pointing at the chicken)?

Me: No, it is chicken.

S: Is that seafood (pointing at the beef)?

Me: No, it is steak, from a cow.

S: But is that seafood (pointing at the chicken again)?

Me: NO. It is chicken. There is no seafood up here. Only chicken and beef. We are not having seafood for dinner.

S: When are we going to eat seafood?

Me: Maybe this weekend.

S: But I really like seafood (whining).

Me: Okay. Then this should be a good weekend for you.

S: I like chicken and beef too.

Me: Good.

S: But I just really like seafood.

Me: Okay.

S: Are we having seafood for dinner?

Me: I will kill you. No Scott. We are having FAJITAS! CHICKEN AND BEEF FAJITAS!

S: But I really wanted seafood for dinner……

This was one of 500 million conversations that Scott and I had today that went pretty much the same. Different subjects. Same idea.

Then this is Nate after nap:

And BEFORE he dumped out his entire humidifier on the wall and floor. Where was I you ask? Trying to talk to a potential babysitter on the phone who now thinks I am insane and my kids are hellions.

Then Mike called to say he was stuck in a meeting and wouldn’t be home until 7.

It was one thing after another. BUT while uploading pictures I found these gems Scott took while I wasn’t looking that immediately made me laugh….

"Oh look, Scott is taking my picture! He is so funny!"

"I am over it! I SAID, Get the camera out of my face!"

I guess my kids are okay.

*I am aware that banging your child’s head on a table is a form of child abuse. I was joking. Don’t report me.

*No, Nate is not my favorite child but Scott refuses to let me take his picture. Case in point:

Aaaahhhh, thanks for listening. I feel better now.

3 Responses to “IT’S CHICKEN!”

  1. so sorry you are having a rough time, i just have to say, they get older and it gets easier…and scott reminds me of kaleb A LOT and as they get older (and wiser) they only get more hilarious…hope to see you soon!

  2. martha Says:

    umm did my kids come over to your play room when I wasn’t looking? Screaming fits in resteraunts are not fun, we just had our first a couple weeks ago, I feel for you.

  3. Liz Says:

    I’m going to have to report you for breaking into my house and taking pictures. Oh wait, that’s YOUR playroom.

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