Menu Plan Monday

January 25, 2010

Alright! Who is ready for the last week of January? I never want to wish away life BUT every week that passes is one week closer to warmth! 4 months to the pool and counting. I love Oklahoma. Never a dull weather moment, last week was in the 60s this week in the 30s!

Okay, I’m gonna do it. I am MAKING ribs this week! My hunt for the perfect ribs continues. So far, I have tried, Billy Rays, Elmers, Big Daddy’s, and Albert G’s. So far, Elmers is in the lead. Still on my list is Legends (Owasso) and maybe Famous Daves. And of course, Home of Cori.

Mike and I are going to have an adult night out this weekend (thanks Mom and Dad) and Extreme Makeover (way to go Simmon’s Homes, this is their 3rd Extreme build!) starts here on Thursday. I will be taking the kids there a couple of times to visit Mike so it will be a fun week!

I hope this week holds some excitement for you. It just feels like a week that needs some excitement.

Monday: Grocery shopping and dining at WF

Tuesday: Fish, Veggies and Rice

Wednesday: French Toast, Bacon, and Fruit Salad

Thursday: Ummm, it is supposed to be snowing today! Chicken Corn Chili and Sweet Potato Cornbread (I froze 1/2 of mine last time I made it)

Friday: Ribs, Chicken (it grosses Mike out to eat meat off a bone… PANSY!) and Man vs Wild Night

Saturday: Out to Dinner and a Birthday Party (I love this year! So many friends turning 30!)

Sunday: Leftovers/Or hanging out at Extreme and out to eat


10 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. maren Says:

    I haven’t always been a fan of ribs–but my husband loves them, so I have grown an appreciation. I’ve made these a few times… DELICIOUS! I like reading your blog!

    This is really random, but last night I had a dream I was in high school. You were in my dream but I was married. It was bizarre. 🙂 TMI to divulge on the comment section of a blog! LOL

    Hope you are well! Maren

  2. Sara Says:

    It grosses me out to eat meat off the bone too!!
    I want to go see the Extreme Makeover house. Where are they building it??

    • Cori Says:

      Sara- go to for all the details, I don’t know if I am allowed to tell the location, once it is revealed it will be on there!

      • Sara Says:

        So I guess you won’t be taking me with you so I can meet Ty Pennington?? 😉 Will Mike but helping out with the house? You’ll have to let me know whe it’s going to be on tv.

      • Cori Says:

        If you want to brave the cold! I don’t think we will be going unless the weather changes… I can have Mike take a pic for you though!

  3. Heidi Says:

    The best ribs EVER:

    Served with the cherry-zinfandel bbq sauce…

    Easy, and to die for!


  4. Faith Says:

    I think if he’s going to be watching man vs. wild, Mike should try meat off the bone. Hope the ribs turn out well. I’d give you my recipe, but “Phil, will you make ribs tonight?” probably wouldn’t help you out much.

  5. Kassidy Says:

    Good luck with the ribs, can’t wait to hear how they turn out. If you are not planning to make your own BBQ sauce then the only way to go is Head Country. We raise our own beef (I think once in college I had to buy a pound of hamburger at wal-mart and that is the only time I have eaten beef at home that was not grass fed home grown), anyway, so my family knows a bit about BEEF and all we use is Head Country BBQ sauce!

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