Blue Lining

February 11, 2010

I feel boring right now. I am 99% sure that it is the weather and I have not had an unexplained loss of happy cells, but I could be wrong. Part of me wants to start on a fun project and then the half of me, the half that I have been listening to, looks out the window into the never ending greyness that somehow passes for the sky these days and sighs and says, “What’s the point?”

Debbie Downer? Yea, I know. I almost wore a tank on Tuesday just to somehow will summer into getting here faster. Remember on Monday how I had all sorts of fun Valentiney things to do? FLOP. Major flop. Tomorrow for Scott’s party, he will be taking hearts (cut out by me), not colored, with melted crayon hearts (made by me) taped to them, with “You Color My World! From: Scott” (written entirely by me). He refused to even sign his name. The Heart Hunt got cancelled on Tuesday when Scott found his heart and threw a fit, screaming that his present was good enough and that I “had” to get him a new one. To which I very maturely answered, “(evil mom eyes) Fine! Christmas is cancelled!”

Which leads me once again to why I love my family (you didn’t see that one coming did you…). I love that with your family you can be your worst version of yourself and they love you anyway (at least a good family does). I love that one day my kids are poking my last nerve and the next day they shock me. I love that Mike and I can get in an argument, he can come home and say to me, “Are you still upset?” and I can say, “Yes, but I am to tired to talk about it, let’s just lay here and watch something stupid on TV.” And then we forget we were even mad.

Today, my kids shocked me. You know how I always whine about volunteering and HAVE YET TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT… well, today we sort of did. My motives were not entirely altruistic, but the result gave me so much hope. We went to a play date at a “retirement village” (whatever that means), our group reserved one of the activity rooms, the (ahem) good parents that remembered to bring toys brought enough to share with my kids, the kids played, the mom’s made Valentines (the kids were to busy) and as we were leaving the plan was to pass them out to the residents we saw. I honestly thought, Valentine Party, yummy snacks, get out of the house, my kids won’t pass out the Valentines, but whatever. As we were leaving, I handed Scott some of the Valentines and told him the plan. He said “Okay!” And off he went. He passed out some to people in the lobby and the walked into the dining room and was going up to the tables and talking and handing them out. He was saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Smiling, telling people his name. We were there forever BECAUSE Nate made it his personal mission to shake everyone’s hand. I didn’t even know he knew how to shake hands! He would walk up to a table, start with one person and work his way around, say bye and move to the next table. Scott went with him and told everyone his name. THEY WERE EVEN HUGGING PEOPLE! I had to pull them out.

That was my blue lining on the grey sky today. I hope you had one too.

PS Scott is now sitting at the kitchen table coloring his hearts…

PPS Thank you Denise for planning the play date. I know it was a rough week for you!


9 Responses to “Blue Lining”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Ahhh, sweet boys!

  2. Liz Says:

    What a cool idea. I get down in the dumps quite often during winter, so I made it my New Year’s Resolution to think more about others than my own stupid problems (such as, “Oh, I can never go in Barnes & Noble and buy a book for myself b/c my kids are so loud”). Helping others certainly puts things in perspective.

  3. Mike Says:

    Ok, first of all – I already cancelled Christmas. Second, I’m still mad. Third, you crack me up. It is cold, let’s go to San Diego.

  4. bethany Says:

    1. those hearts sound cute!
    2. i can just picture your boys at the retirement home. precious=)
    3. i love your honesty friend. your family is lucky to have you=)

    • Cori Says:

      If you would move HERE than little Campbell and all the hair bows I am going to buy her can come do projects with me (since my kids won’t!) and she will be the hit of the retirement village FOR SURE.

      PS I think I saw someone from Southern Hills there.

  5. Carissa Says:

    Why didn’t you tell me about the retirement village thing. We would have gone! I have totally been wanting to do something like that.

    • Cori Says:

      I know you would have loved it! It was with my mom’s group so I didn’t even think of inviting you, and actually, I am not sure if we are allowed to bring guests… If we do it again, I will check! I will go with you sometime on our own if you want though…. Easter?

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