February 15, 2010

Food in review from last week… Jambalaya= awesome! Super spicy. One Pot Spaghetti = Incredible (will now be my go to meal to take to people, so get pregnant or really sick and I will bring it to you ;)). Pork chops= Mixed Reviews…. I didn’t put the gravyish stuff on Scott and Nate’s and they ate an entire one chop between them, I did put the gravy stuff on Mike and mine and it was okay. We were not in love with it BUT for my first attempt at pork chops I was proud. I have a burning question out there for those of you who fry things… How do you not let the little flour chunks that fall off whatever you are frying burn as they stay in the oil after you pull the whatever out? Does that make sense? (did you catch my joke, “burning question” about “burning stuff”… did I just ruin it by explaining it?)

Moving on… How about those Olympics? I have been walking around all weekend randomly yelling BIENVENU! Not to diss on the opening ceremonies, but was I the only one cracking up at the giant frankenstein ice sculptures? The people would yell BIENVENU and the franken sculptures lifted their arms zombie like in front of them. I was waiting for them to start walking around saying, “Brains, Brains, Brains…”

My most favorite part of the Olympics is when Mike and I sit on the couch drinking beer yelling at the TV, “Come on! Get your knees together! How hard is it???” Like we have any idea what we are talking about. On a different note, we went through a whole package of butter this week.

Here is our gold medal menu (there I go again cracking everyone up….)

Monday: LEFTOVERS, our fridge is overflowing with lots of health food, you know, pizza, ribs and jambalaya

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie with steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Pulled Pork Baked Potatoes (rice for the kids)

Thursday: Cowboy Burgers were on sale at WF last week, so I stuck some in the freezer YUM! with sweet potato fries

Friday: Breakfast for dinner

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Leftovers

Have a great week!

9 Responses to “BIENVENU”

  1. bethany Says:

    Loved the men’s moguls last night. They are INSANE! We were enjoying them as well – minus the beer=) Glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t dig the opening ceremony – I mean really?! Canada has nothing on China.

  2. Carissa Says:

    Why am I not watching the Olympics? What is wrong with me? I think I am the only person in the world who has not watched even one second of them. On a different note, chicken pot pie is on our menu for this week as well. I will be making up my own recipe since I don’t want to go the the store and I realized all I have in my refrigerator is chicken, mixed vegetables, and biscuits. I figured, surely I can figure out how to get some chicken pot pie out of that. Should be interesting. Let me know how yours turns out.

    • Cori Says:

      YOU AREN’T WATCHING THE OLYMPICS???? What IS wrong with you? For one, to see the athletes is awesome, for two, to hear the commentaries is hilarious!
      Chicken Pot Pie Cook Off. May. The. Best. One. Win.

  3. Faith Says:

    I don’t watch the Olympics. I do love breakfast for dinner, though.

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