Smelly Yoga

March 22, 2010

Two weird/embarrassing things happened to me today.

One: I think my yoga teacher passed gas in my space. You know how when you go to a class you pick your spot. Well, I always pick towards the back and on the side so I won’t be in front and so I can sneak out before final relaxation. Halfway through the class, when we turned sideways on our mats, she decided to move the “front”of the class to me. Awesome. So she was literally standing right beside me, then she decides to stop doing actual yoga and lead by words so really, I was leading the class. Double Awesome. THEN, she stands right in front of me, says something in yoga speak and walks off. Two seconds later a horrendous odor wafts to my nose. It had to be her. It just had to be. Unfortunately, that is what everyone else was thinking about me.

Two: When I shop for my kids, I way over buy and then I take back. I (along with half of America) had a 30% off coupon for Thurs-Sunday at the Gap and Old Navy, so I decided to do some summer clothes shopping. I literally bought everything I thought might possibly work, then I came home, looked through clothes, re evaluated and start my huge take back pile. After yoga, I went by Old Navy and Gap to do my take backs. At Gap, the manager rolled her eyes and told me, “Are you returning EVERYTHING on this receipt?” Me: “Um, no.” Her: “Returns like this just kill our numbers.” Me: “OK.” THEN a pair of shorts I was returning was no where to be found on the receipt. The other Gap hadn’t charged me for the shorts. So the manager finishes the return and then hands the shorts back to me with my receipt. I hand them back to her, thinking, she forgot I didn’t pay for these. She hands them back to me and says, “We can’t take these, you will have to give them back to the other Gap.” WHAT?! So now I have a free pair of accidentally stolen shorts in my house that I have to somehow remember to take to the other Gap and explain.

I am having a hard time menu planning this week. The weather is throwing me off! I feel like I should be planning summery foods but warm food is still all I can think of. I need to come up with some more sandwich/salad dinners.

The tilapia from last week didn’t end up happening. I pulled the frozen tilapia out of the freezer to defrost and it was rough looking, so I had to throw it out. The Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken got a thumbs up from the boys. I made it on a night I wasn’t home, because sweet saucy stuff isn’t my style.

Since there will still be snow on the ground tomorrow, I am starting the week with soup.

Monday: Taco Soup

Tuesday: Broiled Tilapia Parmesan with rice and salad

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Mom! We celebrated when Ev was in town, so maybe we will take her out for a birthday dinner!

Thursday: Veggie Omelets and hash browns

Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza with Salad (trying to recreate one of Mikes faves)

Saturday: Meatball Sandwiches (pre made meatballs from WF) with veggies

Sunday: leftovers

Have a wonderful week! I will be watching the snow melt, going to my FIRST parent teacher conference and celebrating my mom’s bday!


4 Responses to “Smelly Yoga”

  1. maren Says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts! You make me laugh! Have you tried that tilapia before? It’s my absolute favorite way to eat that fish. I wish I could get my life organized and do menu planning…maybe one day…

  2. Liz Says:

    Seriously, why has no one ever come up with a discreet way to say, “Um, it wasn’t me that farted”? Who ever does should get a Nobel prize.

  3. bethany Says:

    1. I remember going to yoga with you once. I remember us trying not to laugh at something (or someone). SO glad I wasn’t there with you this week – I don’t think I could have handled myself.
    2. The sales lady needs to get over herself. If that’s all she has to worry about on a daily basis – she should thank her lucky stars.
    3. I’m going to try your BBQ chicken pizza – it’s one of our favorite meals=)
    4. Good luck at your conference! You’ll do great!!

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