Nate in the Raw

July 30, 2010

My poor children and their undocumented lives. It has been awhile. Since we are stuck at home today (Scott has 101 and I am not feeling awesome) and by stuck at home, I mean the Sesame Street is blaring, everyone is still in pjs, and Nate is sitting on the floor crushing saltine crackers into the carpet, I feel the need to seize the moment and update. While I obviously don’t like having sick kids, sometimes it is nice to be forced to stay at home and have a TV day.

Little Nate… where to even start. He just turned two and gets funnier by the day and his hair is getting whiter by the minute. For the last month, he has slept on his floor in front of his door. I have no idea why. And yes, I put him back in his bed when he is asleep and 30 seconds later I hear him get out and resume his floor position. I fought it for a while (I even told him that spiders might bite him if he wasn’t in his bed, not my proudest mom moment, but it was at 4:30 in the morning AFTER he had been awake for an hour) and now I have given up. If he wants to sleep on his carpet, so be it.

He still loves reading. His new thing is to point at the pictures and say, “What is that?” The problem with this is that he knows the answer in his head and he will put his little finger on a girls face and say, “What is that?”

Me: A girl.

Nate: Noooo

Me: A girls face.

Nate: (getting mad) NOOOO MAMA!

Me: Her hair?


Me: HER EYES????




Me: (not having fun) Oh, girls cheeks. Cooool.

Nate: (sweating out of frustration) Yea, girls cheeks mama. Girls cheeks. (nodding at me like, good job lady, you finally got it, I have now taught you what cheeks are.)

This continues until we are finished reading. The GOOD thing is, once we have read the book and gotten through it, if we read it again, he wants the same answers, so next time he points to that girls head, I will know….. GIRLS CHEEKS! 10 books down 500000 to go. (Oh, and I have tried to turn it around and say, “I don’t know Nate, what is it?” to which he replies, “Nooo, mama do it.”)

He has also started this thing where he talks like the “I see dead people” kid and follows me around and whispers…

“Hooole Jew, Hole jew…” (translation: hold you.) And when I turn around he is standing there looking at me with a huge smile and crazy white hair.

He is adorable. He is talking up a storm. He knows some of his shapes, some colors, and how to sing part of Happy Birthday. He is scared of fireworks and candles. He is obsessed with his big brother and is going to have major separation anxiety when Scott goes back to school. He follows him around and literally does everything he does and repeats everything he says. Scott is training him to like him (really, that is what Scott said). His favorite things are bubbles and pizza. Pizza is his answer all of lifes hard questions. Whats for dinner? Pizza! Who are you talking to on the phone? Pizza! Knock Knock, who’s there? Pizza! Nate, I love you. Pizza and Boop (soup)!

Nate lights up a room and our lives.

Tell me you don't want to kiss that nose!

Seriously, his hair is WHITE!

Birthday Tunnel!

My 3 favorite people.

Now for the stuff only I care about….

At 2 yrs old:

Height: 33 1/2 inches

Weight: 23 1/2 lbs

Perfect in every way.

PS I know my pictures are not as good as this girls, I try.

Stay tuned for Scott Uncut…

5 Responses to “Nate in the Raw”

  1. Martha Says:

    Oh Good, I thought it was only mine that slept on the floor. Ever since we moved Hosea and Micah out of their crib they have been sleeping on the floor and it doesn’t do any good to put them back in bed. Nate is adorable, love the WHITE hair!

  2. carissa Says:

    1. Didn’t you use to work for Family Children Services or something? I am turning you in for telling your child spiders are going to get him if he sleeps in the floor. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER tried something like that to get my kid to do something. I have never told my kid that he is going to get sick and his bones are going to break and he’s going to have to go to the hospital if he doesn’t drink milk. Nope. Never.

    2. Yes Nate is talking up a storm but I still remember one of his FIRST words…”COCO”!!!! Speaking of Coco…I’m feeling a little blonde haired best buddy photo shoot coming on. We gotta get the two of them in a pic together before their hair changes!

    3. Speaking of photo shoots and pictures. I am bringing my camera next time we hang out and taking pictures of our kids playing together. Darn we have cute kids. Just sayin.

  3. bethany Says:

    He is PRECIOUS! I can’t wait to see him NEXT week!

    LOVE his hair! Nice job on the spider story – I have so much to learn from you=)

  4. Amy Says:

    Alice slept on the floor forever! She’d curl up right next to her door and when I’d go in to check on her before I went to bed I’d have to clock her with that door to get it open. I still remember shoving her as gently as possible to get the door open just enough for me to shimmy in… good times! Now she’s anti-covers. She wants to sleep on top of her bedspread with only a little “blankie” over her. Miles on the other hand is sweaty head kid every night because he insists on sleeping under a heavy bedspread with a pillow on top. Kids are weird – but in a totally good way.

  5. Cori Says:

    Martha and Amy- Glad I am not alone in the weird floor sleeping department and Amy, I am glad to hear that it finally ends! Did she just decide on her own to sleep in her bed?
    Carissa- Yes, I worked for the Parent Child Center and yes, I taught parents how NOT to lie to their kids. Let’s report each other and have the kids live with the grandparents for a couple of days and fly to Mexico! And I would love to have a blonde hair buddy shoot, actually, I would love to have some pics of all our kids together, do you know any photographers that could make that happen?
    Bethany- I am definitely a model parent whom you should strive to become like. Definitely.

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