January 17, 2011

This week will be happy and sad. The sad: We are saying goodbye to Evyn and Ryan. The happy: Ryan is going to be the assistant volleyball coach for The University of Alabama. We are so excited about this new opportunity for them and so proud of Ryan. We love you guys and will miss you! AND thank you for only moving 10 hrs away.

When my mom was talking to Scott about Evyn and Ry moving this is what Scott said:

Scott: I will probably forget them.

Mimi: I know it is sad, but we will still get to see them and talk to them on the phone.

Scott: Well, when they move away, I won’t see them very much…so I will forget them.

Kids sure know how to make you feel special. I was told this week AFTER having a pajama day, dragging out all the art supplies (including GLITTER), spending an hour and a half constructing Mini the robot out of boxes and egg cartons, making cookies AND having a movie night (all in one day)…. “I wish Daddy was back, your not very much fun.” Warmed my heart.

The Making of Mini

Also on the agenda this week….dun dun duuuunnnn…. Our first ever school interview. We interview Tuesday at one. I am excited and nervous… To be honest, a little more nervous than excited. Scott is a rock star and do great, me and Mike on the other hand….

Let’s Eat

Monday: Slow Cooker Char Siu Pork Roast with Rice and Veggies (leftover from last week)

Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Wednesday: Ev and Ryan’s Goodbye Dinner at my parents (sniff sniff)

Thursday: Spinach Omelettes,  Bacon (Scott’s favorite food), Fruit

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Date Night?

Sunday: Pizza Movie Night

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful week!

4 Responses to “Mini”

  1. carissa Says:

    You are going to rock the interview! And just remember…if all else fails, bring up you and Mike’s extensive past experience with MCA. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂 Ok seriously, going to have to have a chat with Scott. How is it possible that you can be boring after the robot, cookie making, AND movie watching?!?! He needs to seriously lower his standards.

  2. Cori Says:

    Carissa Dawn Miller you better shut your mouth.

  3. bethany Says:

    Uhm seriously. I pretty sure you earned mom of the year in one day..GLITTER?! Yikes…school nightmares just thinking about it!!
    Interested about the chicken caesar sandwiches…yum!

  4. […] the Pork Roast from last week so so so good. The entire family loved it and Mike said it was the best new recipe I have tried in […]

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