Cat Attack

January 28, 2011

Oh me oh my throw a pizza in my eye.

My children have LITERALLY been attacking each other like wild animals. One of Scott’s friends at school told he looked like he had been attacked by a cat. I am not even kidding.

I am not saying this to play favorites, but I am going to have to blame Nate. He flipped the crazy switch on last week and he will not turn it off. On Tuesday I took away his superman outfit, his cape, sonic wii game time, and dessert (I later let him earn dessert back…don’t judge me, he needs the calories). I couldn’t think of anything else to even take away.

He actually told me…. “I hit you so hard in the head. I hit you and hit you and you die.*” His new move is to do something deliberately wrong and then say, “I accident. It just accident. I no get in trouble. I accident.” or to kiss me and say, “I so sorry Mama. I love you so so so much.” The manipulation starts early.

I know this stage will pass, but the fit throwing, the harassing his brother, the mean words, the constant fits, the yelling, THE YELLING, is wearing me down. I need to pull it together.

I mean look at him… He totally looks like he will grow out of it…

This stage will pass (just reassuring myself).

*PS Just so you know, he did get in big time trouble for the dying comment.

6 Responses to “Cat Attack”

  1. bethany Says:

    Oh my goodness that little face is so cute… I’m sure it’s hard to be frustrated for too long.
    My only advice:
    1) go tot he liquor store (just not the scary one we went to in the escalade)
    2) buy a couple of bottles of wine
    3) have a glass or two…or three if need be.
    4) repeat as needed

    Good luck!

  2. Martha Says:

    He is such a cutie. Mine go through fazes where they are super nice and sweet with each other and then there are times like the other morning when they both had each other by the face, both screaming. Hoping that your little guy turns back into a sweetie soon.

  3. Liz Taylor Says:

    This sounds just like Kiki right now. I’m so afraid that Finn will pull up his shirt at school and his teacher will see all the bite marks from her and think I’m mistreating him (he currently even has actual scratch marks from the actual cat). Poor guy.

  4. carissa Says:

    Well, I have to say that I am very disturbed by Bethany’s advice to you Cori. I would never, I repeat NEVER, succumb to drinking a glass of wine to ease the pain of a stressful day of mothering. Nope. That has never happened.

  5. Cori Says:

    Bethany- You are catching on to this mom thing quickly!
    Martha,Liz- Glad I am not alone! They have gone through arguing phases before, but this one does not seem to be passing very quickly….
    Carissa- You are so sweet and innocent. A real sweetheart.

  6. alayna Says:

    i don’t believe you cori. you speak lies. that little face could NEVER be mean. stop projecting your feelings onto your sweet, innocent children! =)

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