In the corner of my mind

February 11, 2011

I have been going to through pictures to change out my frames and decided to get a couple of Scott when he was a baby and I have not stopped laughing. Oh my goodness. The main thoughts have been…. “What am I wearing?” “What is up with Mike’s hair?” AND “Holy Hell I can’t believe I was so huge when I was pregnant!” (We also have an insane amount of pictures of our kids playing in moving boxes and Scott in his underwear.) Oh and also, “We look exhausted in 99% of the pictures post 2005!”

There are also some that are so sweet and seem so long ago it makes me a little sad but in a happy way…. (you know what I  mean)

The beginning.

Scott 2006

One of my favorites.




This captures the tiredness and the underwear.

And in case you doubted my pregnancy hugeness… I give you… The Beast….

Don't be scared.

PS It's okay to laugh.



9 Responses to “In the corner of my mind”

  1. Martha Says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I love prego pictures. You look amazing!

  2. Kassidy Says:

    So, first of all, regarding the first picture: you haven’t changed a bit…and Mike, WOW! I NEED to get to know you guys more! The boys are adorable and girl, you haven’t seen “beast” until you see me nine months preggers and 45 lbs fatter with Beau! YIKES!!

  3. Cori Says:

    Martha- You are such a liar. It’s okay, I own it, I was huge.
    Kassidy- I always tell Carissa I want to hang out with you more! And ummm, try 60 POUNDS with Nate!

  4. azdenek Says:

    Super fun post… loved seeing all the pictures. And you are by far the cutest hugest pregnant lady ever!

  5. Martha Says:

    OH yea you were HUGE. I mean in comparison you look amazing NOW!

  6. bethany Says:

    ahhhh the “colorado cori & mike”!! so why do I think that if we all moved to colorado that you guys would always look like you do in that picture?
    Sure you post those prego pics…you forgot to include the fact that 2 months later you looked amazing. seriously.

    i LOVE old pictures. I’m going to find some middles school & highschool ones just for you=)

  7. Cori Says:

    Amy- You’re so sweet.
    Martha- I am cracking up! “Oh yea, you were HUGE.”
    Bethany- Please oh please tell me you have copies of our do it at home Glamour Shots pictures. Those were so awesome.

  8. carissa Says:

    Is it possible to laugh (hysterically) and also cry in the same post. Cuz I did. Just sayin….

    Also, this is why I love you:

    1. Because you are not scared to post pictures of yourself huge and pregnant and refer to yourself as “THE BEAST.” and,
    2. You are not afraid to laugh at yourself.

    26 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard me.

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