NO Girls Allowed

March 3, 2011

The First Ever Lyon Boy’s Weekend

(minus the littlest boy)

Mike and Scott left on their first boy’s only snowboarding trip last night.

Tough Guys

They have both been counting down the days.

The official airport send off.

I will be forced to have this guy all to myself:

A couple more years little guy

I promised myself that this would be happy, not emotional, but I have to say:

1. Mike, you are amazing. Thank you for loving your boys so much. The memories that you are creating are irreplaceable.

2. Scott, when did you become old enough to go on a trip with out ME! Love you.

(I felt like list form would help me not get to sappy.)

I can’t wait until we have family snowboarding trips. Although I have been informed there will still be yearly boys only trips. To which I sigh and look sad and inwardly begin planning a spa weekend.

PS I really wish I had Mike’s snow boarding bum day pics scanned. I will post them someday. They are awesome.


3 Responses to “NO Girls Allowed”

  1. Liz Taylor Says:

    Scott volunteers at the Special Olympics each year with his mom (Special Ed teacher). The last two years he’s taken Finn with him and I have Kiki all to myself for 2 days. It’s awesome. I need to figure out a way to reverse it too, so I can have some sort of Mom/Finn weekend or something.

  2. Cori Says:

    What a wonderful experience for Finn! That is very cool that your husband volunteers there and takes Finn. I agree, we need to switch off weekends too!

  3. carissa Says:

    OK you are a better mom than me for getting the airport send off pics! How many times did you cry while they were gone? I quit counting. Let’s just say I have cried everytime I have watched the videos or seen pictures. I might be crazy. Oh btw…I have a really cute video of Scott where he says, “Take a picture cuz I want to send it to my mommy.” And it is freaking cute. You need to see it.

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