Spring Break 2011

March 31, 2011

I love Spring Break. Actually, I love any break from the normal routine. Mike and I were out of town the Thursday before the break through the Monday of (in MEXICO! Our first kid free vacation! I will eventually do a whole post on that….) so when we came back in town we had no plans or agenda and just let life fall into our laps.



Notice the camera string hanging down. Mike loves my self portraits. Sigh, I miss you beach side cabana bed.


This was “I Missed You So Much” Day! We hung out at home, did laundry, restocked on the fridge, played outside and the kids told me every single detail about Mimi and Poppy’s house. (if you don’t know my kids, they talk… a lot. In a good way, but still, a lot. I CAN’T even begin to imagine where they get that.)

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this day, I just like it and I forgot to take a picture of Tuesday.


This might have been one of the  best days of Nate’s life. Almost every day since last summer, Nate has asked when the ice cream truck was coming back. The day finally arrived:

Jackson, Joe, Nate and Scott.

When I told Nate the ice cream man was at the park, he started shaking, screaming, and running at the same time.


Don’t judge me for the story that follows.

Scott has adamantly refused to learn to ride his bike. He has a scooter that he loves and sees no point in having to learn how to ride his bike. I decided it was time.

Me: Scott. It is time to learn how to ride your bike.

Scott: No. That’s ok.

Me: Listen, you are 5 1/2. If you don’t know how, it is going to start getting embarassing. What if a friend invites you over and wants to ride bikes and you don’t know how?

Scott: I’ll just bring my scooter.

Me: I understand that it is hard to try something new, but I don’t want you to be embarrassed by being the only kid your age that doesn’t ride a bike.

Scott: I’m not embarrassed.

Me: I’ll give you $20.

Scott: Ummm, no.

Me: (think like Scott, think like Scott) Ok. I’ll make you a deal. If you learn to ride your bike, you can have a movie night.

Scott: Huh. Can it be a Scooby Doo?

Me: Yes.

Scott: So, if I go ride my bike right now, you will let me watch a movie?

Me: Well, it’s too late tonight, but if you ride your bike tomorrow, then tomorrow night you can watch a movie. BUT you have to really ride it. You have to ride it all the way to the park and back with out help from me.

Scott: It’s a deal.

Scott woke up Thursday morning said “I’m ready!”. With in 30 mins we were on our way to the park. He got to the end of our street, turned around and yelled, “So does this equal a Scooby Doo or what?!”

Now, he loves riding his bike and says he will never ride his scooter again. I love it when I’m right.


Friday was very exciting. First, we went out for donuts! Scott ate two chocolate long johns. He is 5 1/2 and only weighs 35 lbs. I can’t wait to see what he eats as a teenager.

When the kids spend the night with my parents they always get to go for donuts so they made sure I went to the same place. That I knew how to get there and wanted me to call Poppy to ask him for directions. I think my kids have already figured out that I am directionally challenged.

Then…. The hilight of the day… CAMPBELL! One of my very best friends was in town with the cutest little girl ever. Bethany is a photographer and is also took a bunch of pics but since she hasn’t sent me copies (Bethany, I know you are sitting around eating bon bon’s all day, pull it together) you will have to settle for my mad photography skills. Stop laughing CC Miller Photography.

We got in the car and Scott said, "That baby Campbell really loved me."

This was the, "She tipping! SHE'S TIPPING! I need some help here guys!" picture.

And that is how we partied this Spring Break.

2 Responses to “Spring Break 2011”

  1. carissa Says:

    Warning – super long post by Cori = super long comment by Carissa….

    1. That first picture of you and Mike is the best ever. Seriously, stop showing C.C. Miller up with your point and shoot and I’m not kidding. I may not have gotten a better picture then that!

    2. I miss the oceanside/poolside bed cabana too.

    3. I am turning you into DHS for bribing your kid with movies. I have never done that. Never. I never bribed my kid with a new movie everytime he would poop in the potty.

    4. I miss the oceanside/poolside bed cabana too.

    Oh wait, I already said that.

  2. bethany Says:

    I didn’t comment? I swear I did!!
    Okay! I totally thought the pic was a CC Miller original. Maybe she’ll let you go be a second shooter with her? And Baby Campbell LOVED hanging out with Nate & Scott. She is super pumped for the pool play date this summer.

    And I promise to get those pics edited and sent to you asap!

    PS Can’t WAIT for next week!!!

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