Copy Cat and Homemade Glamour Shots

April 24, 2011

If you read my friend Bethany’s blog go ahead and skip this entire post. If not, know that I literally copy and pasted her entire blog onto my blog. (I would have just linked to her blog, but when I get super motivated one day and make a blog book, I WANT these pics!)

The only thing I will add to her story is that we were the ONLY people matching from head to toe. It was awesome. 
Love you Bethany. Thank you for letting me steal your post.

aka Friends Forever… the Saved by the Bell version… you know the one
aka Cori & Bethany take Austin

Once upon a time there was this girl named Bethany. When she was 12 her parents moved her from her comfy little life chasing tumbleweeds in West Texas to the big city… Tulsa, OK. Right after she moved there a few of the youth group girls took her out to pizza to welcome her to their new church. It was cold that night and Bethany forgot her coat…you didn’t really need those things in West Texas that time of year. Anyways this nice girl named Cori let her borrow her super cool leather jacket. It was BFF love at first sight. Anyways Cori & Bethany were instant friends. They did really cool things like wear combat boots all the time, skip sunday school to play on the swings; go to the mall every sunday afternoon; talk in pretend languages in front of strangers and play glamour shots. And they laughed. Constantly. They were really, really cool. And they never, ever annoyed their parents or anyone else. And they definitely did not turn their moms’ hair grey.

That’s right. We’re playing glamour shots.
Not sure if we were making fun of it or if our parents were too cheap for it….

Anyways they went to high school together and continued their path of annoying dorkiness. {I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone everyone we annoyed over the years. We honestly thought we were funny} The spy missions, class skipping, toilet papering antics continued well into their college years.

Life went on they both got married and had babies and recently decided they should run a race together. {and by “together” I mean the “same race”. Cori “speedy gonzalez” Lyon placed 4th in her age group}  They lived it up in Austin. And by live it up I mean ran a half marathon on a CRAZY hilly course in the Texas hill country, hung out at the hotel hot tub with wine snuck in disposable coffee cups, spent an entire afternoon in the world’s most amazing Whole Foods, rolled around in a Kia Soul (you should be jealous) got lost thanks to Bethany’s lack of navigational skills stupid iphone app, ate almost every meal at the hotel restaurant and walked almost 4 miles post race just to go to Lululemon. It might not sound like fun to many people but they had a BLAST. It was exactly what these two mama’s needed.

Okay, I can’t keep this whole 3rd person thing up…too confusing.

Anyways – we had a fantastic weekend. Best part…the end of the race, Cori turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, “I dedicated this race to Parker and Campbell. I thought of them the whole entire way”. Funny thing – so did I. We never discussed it or planned it, but we both raced for my babies. Because that’s what friends do. So we sat there and cried and hugged for awhile…and I’m sure people thought we were crazy, but that’s okay. It was so fun & so special. Just what I needed to heal my heart.

We had a great time and are already planning the trip for our next race.
A HUGE thanks to my parents and to Mat for taking care of Campbell on my first trip away. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Cori -thanks for a super fun time. You are a wonderful bff and i’m so thankful for you. my prayer for campbell is that she has a friend just like you. Even if it turns my hair grey=)

our ride. the kia soul.
Whole Foods wine. Organic AND Eco Friendly.
Yes we are 30 & matching. I told you we were dorks.
Also Done. Since she was so stinkin’ fast i don’t have a picture of her finishing!
wine & live music by the river at the end

Every body needs a friend to play glamour shots and run half marathons with…


4 Responses to “Copy Cat and Homemade Glamour Shots”

  1. bethany Says:

    So thankful for your friendship. I can’t imagine growing up without you in my life. I mean who would have prank called with me? Or gone toilet papering with me? I mean really. Love you friend.

    PS: Kind of weirds me out how easy it is to copy and paste a post. Good thing your my friend.=)

  2. Gonna go ahead and copy cat the same comment I posted on Bethany’s post…That picture of you guys. OMG I am dying. That is freaking hilarious. Love you guys and love you both. Now that I think about it, maybe it is good I didn’t meet you until several years after this. There is no way I would have worn combat boots, made prank calls, and gone toilet papering with you guys. Sheesh. How immature. 🙂

  3. Ethel Boggs Says:

    You don’t know me but this 83 year old Great Gramma enjoyed reading your blog. (Gassid boys, my pride & joy.)

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