Toe Nails

April 28, 2011

There is a wonderful children’s book called “Spoon“. It is about a little spoon that wishes he was more daring like a knife and more exotic like the chopsticks. His wise spoon mom points out all the great things he gets to do like dive into a bowl of ice cream and twirl around a cup of hot tea and then asks little spoon,”I wonder if you realize just how lucky you are?” Then you see the knife watching spoon and saying, “I wish I could be more care free like spoon” and the fork and the chopsticks all have their version of why spoon’s life is so wonderful.

For me lately it has been about toe nails. Yes, I am THAT deep. It is spring, sandals are every where and for some reason, I never remember, I never have time, I don’t know why, but my pedicure (or lack of)  is always chipping, my toes are always out of shape, I usually have some sort of blister or ugly malfunction from running some where on my foot. I leave the house feeling some what pulled together and then all I see are everyone else’s sparkling toe nails. I make a mental note to schedule a pedicure or at least do some at home toe therapy and then I blink and totally forget.

It is silly and it is stupid but my point is, if it wasn’t my toe nails, it would be something else. It is always something.

My life is pretty wonderful. Yea, my toe nails look crappy but my life is really wonderful. Sometimes I just need to refocus and remember.


PS I now feel like every one of you that I run into will be staring at my toe nails. It’s ok, soak it in.

5 Responses to “Toe Nails”

  1. alayna Says:

    i’m with ya! i totally feel the same way. i always put it on my “to do” list and it rarely gets marked off. maybe we need a book club pedicure meeting sometime……….

  2. bethany Says:

    Yeah seriously – I thought once I was a stay at home mom I would get pedi’s all the time. Who was I kidding? I went for the first time in AGES on Saturday and the guy kept talking about “how different” I looked…couldn’t figure out what it was. UHM Perhaps it was because the last time I was in there I was 14 months pregnant??!!!

  3. Seriously love this post. It’s so easy to want to be a knofe or a fork, when really we should just happy to be a spoon. 🙂 P.S. – pedicures together soon?

  4. Excuse me…I do know how to spell meant to say KNIFE, not knofe. WTH’s a knofe?

  5. azdenek Says:

    I’ve never had a pedicure (strangers touching my feet – no thank you – I don’t even like people I know to touch them). So my toes look much like yours (with chipped BLUE polish) and I’m proud of them. They are feet that have been around and are busy and have things to do! Woo hoo to the feet of a busy woman!

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