SSSSSSSSoccer Star

May 28, 2011

For some reason Scott decided to had my lap top to Nate, for some reason Nate decided to carry it down the hallway, some how in the process the “S” key was ripped off my key board. SSSSSSooooo, this will be a picture post. (I can technically still type, but you have to press really hard on the little “s” button and it is annoying and FYI “s” is a frequently used letter.)

The Dinosaur Dragons after the last game


Scott receiving the MVP medal from Coach Jason


Oh... wait, every one got one ;).

The team mascot being grumpalicious.

I, for some reason have no good action shots! I will be stalking the other parents soon….


Kinda Happy Kinda Sad

May 19, 2011

Me: Scott, how do you feel about school almost being out?

Scott: Well, I am kinda happy and I am kinda sad. I am happy because I will get to do lots of fun stuff with you and Nate. I am sad because I will miss my friends.

Me: Me too buddy. I am kinda happy and kinda sad.

It is surreal that tomorrow is his last day of preschool. Forever. I am so excited for summer. I love summer anyway, but this summer feels extra special because in August everything changes. I am kinda happy about the changes and kinda sad. Not to get all Lifetime movieish, but I just want to soak it all in this summer. I don’t want to rush any where. I want to read books all morning, go on adventures in the afternoon, eat dinner as a family, play outside past bedtime and go to bed tired. I feel pretty lucky that those are my main goals for the summer.

I made this list randomly the other day as a things-to-do-when-we-feel-like-we-have-nothing-to-do days. I am on the fence about camping. I could be talked into it….maybe. Same with #4. I KID. I think church has been on my to do list for about 3 yrs. I like to just keep it there constantly taunting me than to actually do something about .

Lastly, this is the most hilarious paragraph to ever be written. I crack up every time I read it to the kids.


May 14, 2011

Nate is obsessed with hiding...But doesn't totally get it. It goes like this... "Where did Nate go?" "I'm in here!" "Hummm, is Nate under the bed..." "No, I'm in here!"

Hiking at Turkey Mountain.

Team soccer pictures. They were hilarious and I will be dedicating an entire blog to them soon. And yes, that is Assistant Coach Mike Lyon.

Ev and Ryan came in town.

For Mother's Day, Scott told Mike that he was going to clean the play room for me because he knew it would make me happy. He did it 100% on his own. I cried. I might have scared him a little when I was squeezing him and crying.

We busted out the swimsuits! Woohoo!

Happy Summer Birthday(s) Party at school. That morning before school, Scott told me that he was NOT going to wear a birthday crown. When Mrs. Lee plopped it on his head, he looked at me with his SAVE ME eyes but I just snapped some pics and smiled.

Mike perfected his model pose.

Drunk Sick

May 4, 2011

Enter into a party underway and find the following:

1. The Fun Drunk

2. The Sweet Huggy Mellow Drunk

3. The Angry Drunk

4. The Insecure Needy Drunk (you know, that girl crying in a corner)

5. The Drunk That Keeps Talking about How Drunk They Are

6. The Drunk that Denies They are Drunk

7. The Drunk that Starts Spelling Stuff (you know who you are)

8. The Lazy Drunk (that guy sitting in the corner with glazed eyes watching everyone)

9. The Drunk that Tries to Make Out with Everyone

I have decided that sick people fall into the exact same categories (with the exception of #1 and #9). I used to be the sick person that lived in denial. “I’m not sick, I just have a 103.9 degree fever and my throat hurts. I am just gonna work through it.” Now, I have realized that being sick is the only time I actually have the excuse to do as little as p0ssible so I have moved on to #8. I turn on the TV with out guilt. Let my kids eat what they want, leave dinner and every household chore to Mike and lay in bed watching Hulu as much as I can. I only get sick about once or twice a year so might as well get caught up on all the random shows I never watch.

My kids are sick this week.

Scott is the sweet precious angel sick kid that lays on the couch wrapped up in a blanket that says stuff like, “(sniffle, sniffle) Mom, do you think I can watch a show since I can’t move my legs very well?” and “I would give you a kiss Mom, but I don’t want to spread my germs to you.” He is the sick kid that you want to pamper and let eat ice cream for dinner. He’s a #2.

Nate is a #3 with a little bit of #4 thrown in to make sure you can never get anything done. He screams and hits and throws stuff if you don’t bring him what he wants. He wants you to read but wants to watch TV and play on the ipod at the same time and when you quit ready since he isn’t really listening he has a freak out (this is where the hitting and screaming enters). He wants everything and nothing and the second you make the oatmeal he asked you for he is screaming at you that he wanted GRANOLA AND MILK and when you give him the granola and milk (after you explained that it will hurt his throat but he insisted upon anyway) he will start screaming at you that his throat hurts and he wants YOGURT, when you get him the yogurt, he will dump it in the granola and milk and on the floor and then scream that he wants more, when you say “No, you just wasted an entire container.” he will hit you. He is the sick kid that you have to force yourself to feel sorry for.

Gotta go Angry Sick Kid is attacking Sleepy Sick Kid.