Happy Face Sad Face

June 7, 2011

Well, I failed for the first time last week on my New Year’s Resolution (actually I might have already been failing because I totally forgot about my “be less bossy” one. ). I jolted awake at 4 am on Sunday thinking, “I FORGOT MY WEEKLY BLOG”. I briefly considered getting up and posting a pic but then I realized that it was already the next week and so I missed my deadline no matter what, so I fell back asleep. To make up for it… I am going to try post twice this week.

Nate has perfected the angry pout face. It is hilarious. But if you laugh at him he rages. Scott on the other hand, couldn’t even make an angry face and kept cracking up. Sometimes technology really bugs me, but I have to say, some of my favorite pics and definitely some of my most favorite videos have been captured on an iPhone.










3 Responses to “Happy Face Sad Face”

  1. azdenek Says:

    Don’t pressure yourself too much to write each week… Write/post when you are Inspired and then a blog is fun and not something that wakes you up at 4 am. 🙂

  2. bethany Says:

    I love those sweet faces!!!

  3. Cori Says:

    A- I hear ya, but sometimes blogging is like exercising, I don’t always feel like it at the moment, but when I look back, I am always glad. (plus, I have “goal” issues.. If I actually verbalize and set one, I take it VERY seriously. Issues…. I know.)
    B- 😉

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