Birthday Buddy

June 14, 2011

Dearest Birthday Buddy,

Today you are 1 and I am 31. It is time to start ingraining in you why our birthday is the BEST day of the year.

1. It is our birthday (obviously).

2. It is flag day. Flag day is a national holiday. Therefore our birthday is a national holiday. All those flags that people are flying…. They’re for you baby girl (or just tell yourself that).

3. You were born in ’10, I was born in ’80. This sounds silly, but it will come in very useful later in life when you are trying to figure out how old you will be when or as you get really old how old you are in the moment. When will I turn 16? BAM, 2026! How old am I turning this year? BAM 31! How old was I in back in ’93? BAM 13!… Trust me, other unlucky folks have to do WAY more thinking.

4. June 14th is summer time. Summer time is the best season so it would only be fitting that the best holiday would be placed in the best season.

5. Our birthday is 6 months from Christmas. This will mean a lot to you in about 7 years. Every 6 months you get to ask for presents! Just think of those poor people that have to wait almost an entire year before their new present requests. And can you even imagine the pressure?! What if you forget something amazing? What if you have a November birthday and then in January they come out with the one thing you never knew you couldn’t live with out?! PHEW, we are so lucky.

Basically all you need to know… June 14th is the best day of the year.

I love you Campbell Hope Good. Enjoy your big day and give your mama a hug and kiss from me.

I am sad to say this is our only picture together. Isn't your mom a photographer or something?

PS Happy Birthday to my all my other Birthday Buddies out there! (Stacy!)


5 Responses to “Birthday Buddy”

  1. maren Says:

    Happy Birthday Cori! Love this post #1You’re hilarious! #2 You’re beautiful. I’ve always thought so…

  2. bethany Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Love you. Love that picture and Love that baby girl. Have a wonderful birthday and make those boys treat you like a queen!!

  3. Sarah L. Says:

    Great post!! Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your nationally celebrated day 🙂

  4. Love both the birthday girls!!!!

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