June 24, 2011

So far, this summer has been (as Scott would say…) AWESOME! A perfect combo of busy and lazy. We have been hiking, swimming, going to the weekly free movie at Riverwalk, sleeping in, splash park with friends and taking each week as it comes.

Because I am crazy, I have no pictures of swimming so far, but this year with the kids has been so fun. Scott is swimming completely on his own. ON HIS OWN. My future life as a pool mom in the shade reading is so close I can taste it. He is going off the HIGH DIVE  and swimming to the edge ALONE. That is big stuff people. Nate is faux swimming/almost drowning like a pro also. Pictures will be captured and posted soon.

Here is the other stuff we have been up to…

Hanging out at Mimi and Poppy's house.

Philbrook Family Fun Day. The kids LOVED it. We did a scavenger hunt and two art projects. Mike and I loved it too. We will definitely be making it a monthly outing.

I forced my children to give me birthday kisses.

The Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.

Mimi and Poppy with the kids.... What kind of mom lets her kids eat sno cones at 9 pm? A super smart kind.

Even the great grandparents can't resist the Kiddie Park.

Since our children are gifted they completed the summer reading program at the library on the first official day of summer. (PS Nate is really into picking out his own shoes right now. So don't judge me.)

Have I mentioned that I love summer? Well, I do. I am plotting ways to enjoy winter more. Yes, it is only June and I am trying to pep myself up for the winter months.

One Response to “Lately”

  1. bethany Says:

    Love those two little boys. I know what would make winter better… you being my next door neighbor. Just an idea.

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