Hotdog Sandwich

August 22, 2011

Don’t judge me, but last week for lunch I actually ate a hot dog chopped up on a toasted bread sandwich with ketchup and mustard. I know. It was sad. As I was stuffing my face, I paused and thought…. “Wow. I am actually just made a hot dog sandwich. I chopped up a hot dog and put in on a sandwich. I have got to start meal planning again.”

I am not one to wish my kids away or count down the days until school starts to get them out of my house, BUT I will say, I am excited to get back into a routine. We have had a lazy fun filled summer with late nights and last minute meet ups with friends. All fun and no routine has made for a messy house and very random dinners and a really empty fridge. It has been great, but I am kind of ready to eat something other than burgers, nachos, and ham sandwiches (In my defense, I have perfected nachos). Thus enters… Menu Planning! I don’t know if I should set myself up for failure, but I am looking forward to cooking?! I know! Who am I?! (this feeling may or may wear off before Labor Day.)

Scott is back in school. Nate and I will be back to our Monday grocery shopping routine…. It is bitter sweet.

Let’s Eat

Monday-  Fish Tacos

Tuesday- Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup w/ a side of Nachos and watermelon

Wednesday- Mongolian Beef with Rice

Thursday- Homemade Chick Fil a ?! Yes please! (I really hope this works) with Broccoli and Tater-tots

Friday- Indian Taco Night in Bartlesville (What?! You have never had an Indian Taco?! Get one. Soon. It is like a funnel cake with spice.)

Saturday- OUT

Sunday- Homemade Calazones/ Movie Night!


2 Responses to “Hotdog Sandwich”

  1. bethany Says:

    YAY! Menu plan monday is BACK!
    This makes me wish we lived in Austin with the World’s BEST Whole Foods and could grocery shop with our kiddos, eat lunch and maybe hit up the free wine samples on our way out =)

  2. Ditto. On the being excited about having a routine again and maybe cooking.

    P.S. – I ate raisin bran for dinner. And some nachos. GROSS.

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