Rest Time

August 29, 2011

As I am typing this, we are watching the Justin Bieber movie. So cute. So So Cute. The best part is watching the parents in the audience dancing. Actually, the really best part was the one little girl that was basically panting, “Justin and I will be husband and wife. We will.”

Okay…. So the Mongolian Beef recipe from last week was DELISH. Everyone in the family gave it a thumbs up AND it was super easy. I proved once again with the fish tacos that I have no clue how to fry food. No clue. I think I put the fish in before the oil was ready and it turned out greasy and soggy, BUT if you do know how to fry stuff, the batter tasted good before I greased it out so I think it would be a winner!

The Chick Fil A knock off recipe is going to be carried over to this week…. Why you ask? OH, we had Nate’s back to school spaghetti dinner. NATE IS STARTING PRESCHOOL! He is really excited except for rest time, “Do you think the teacher will let me play on her phone during rest time?” “Ummm, no, I am pretty sure you just have to lay there Nate.” “Mom, I don’t like that idea.” Oh, Nate…. Please do okay, I really need to clean the house.

Let’s Eat

Monday-Homemade Chick Fil A (carried over from last week)

Tuesday- Slow Cooker Char Siu Pork Roast with Rice and Veggies

Wednesday- Breakfast Burritos and Fruit Salad

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday, Saturday, Sunday- HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND!


3 Responses to “Rest Time”

  1. bethany Says:

    Home Made Chick Fil A? how did I miss this last week? I’ll definitely be checking that out pronto. And that teacher should totally let Nate play with her phone during rest time.

  2. I am cracking up about Nate wanting to play on the iphone during rest time. And I’m dying to know about the Chick Fil A Recipe for sure. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. […] on to happy thoughts… The Homemade Chick-Fil-a… AAAAMAZING! I added 2 tsp of garlic powder the second time I made it (yes, I made this two […]

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