Cute Bracelet

September 19, 2011

You know when you have a really great week and get spoiled and then when you know it is going to end you get sad before it actually even ends… That is how I feel. Bethany has been in town for the longest she has even been in town since she moved. It has been a blast. Our official girl day was awesome but what I am going to miss the most is the day to day getting to call her at 10:30 and meeting her and Campbell at the mall at 11. Getting to see her so much makes me realize how much I miss her and how lucky I am to have her.

PS (this would be the perfect place to insert a cute picture of our kids running amok or an adorable picture of the three girls on girl day spending money  finding killer deals…. BUT I DON’T HAVE ANY!!!! What is wrong with me. You will just have to use your imagination and picture Nate with crazy hair screaming at baby Campbell in her jeggings, “COME on Campbell! Just race me! Just race me now! UGH! CAMPBELL!” in the Dillard’s dressing room area while Bethany and I pretended we were kidless. Or picture Carissa, at River City picking out the ugliest bracelet ever proclaiming, “I LOVE turquoise. Do you love this bracelet?!”. While Bethany silently made big eyes at each other. Just picture it.)

To cheer myself up, I am going to plan a super cool menu for this week! I am SO excited.

PSS I am kidding. I am not excited and my menu is not super cool. But it is a menu that involves food so I get points for that.


Monday: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches with Salad 

Tuesday: Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas Grilled Veggies

Wednesday: Calazones (we had Mexican instead of pizza on Sunday) and Broccoli

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner and Fruit Salad

Friday: OUT

Saturday: Grilling out BBQ Chicken and Veggies

Sunday: Pizza Movie Night

2 Responses to “Cute Bracelet”

  1. You forgot Coco head bopping Campbell and making her scream. I would leave a super long post but I’m headed back to River City to buy that awesome bracelet.

  2. maren Says:

    Always love seeing what’s cookin’ at your house. Speaking of your menu…tried those chicken nuggets today after reading your blog. Fabulous! Thanks!

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