The PP

October 24, 2011

It has taken us forever to get to the pumpkin patch this year or as Mike calls it, “The PP.” Which cracks the kids up every time and gets an obligatory eye roll from me (I laughed the first time). Of course I forgot my “real” camera… iPhone you have enriched my life in so many ways… Where were you in high-school when I got lost driving home…every. other. day?
PS Siri… I can’t wait to meet you. I think we will have a special bond.

The opening “sit by the creepy scarecrow and pretend your not itchy shot”.

The kids picking their pumpkins and me in no way what-so-ever being bossy and trying to “guide” the decision process.

Cutie booty Nate. (Scott was to cool for school)

Scott’s side. (We are carving the night before Halloween… Last year our pumpkin was rotted out before Halloween rolled around… Sometimes you have to learn the hard way… Sometimes.)

Nate’s side.

This pic has nothing to do with the PP but Mike was super excited my parents brought him AQ Chicken from Arkansas. (and I felt bad he didn’t get in on any of the patch pics)



October 12, 2011

Kindergarten has brought us many hilarious dinner time stories and interesting projects. I really hope Scott’s teacher thinks we are some what capable parents because the stories he tells us makes me personally question my parenting abilities. We have our first parent teacher conference on Monday… I CAN’T WAIT. I have a feeling it will be quite insightful. This is one of the awesome projects that have come home…

Yes. That says hot tub. And the picture depicts a “tank car” with full on guns, missiles, and bomb launchers. Fully equipped with a hot tub to soothe your achy battle muscles.

And Nate… Sweet Nate. I am sure I should double his teachers salary. He somehow gets pee on his clothes EVERY day. At home, totally fine. At school, pee clothes. Not accidents, just always gets pee every where while using the restroom. I hope Henry really is his friend. Nate seems to be the complete opposite of how I would have predicted “school Nate” to be.


Kindergarten Snapshots

October 5, 2011

Because Scott’s kindergarten teacher is capital A to the Awesome… She texts or emails me a picture of him doing his classroom thing every week. I used to pretend that Scott is her favorite and that she only does this for me, but then I realized that on group pics I wasn’t the only email address in the “to” box. It’s cool though, I am sure he is in the top 16.

Week 1 ("Sooo, I guess kindergarten is ok....")

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 (first field trip!)

PS After about two weeks of school, Mrs. Mayfield called and said that Scott was having a hard time and getting teary eyed through out the day. Super mom and dad had NO IDEA. He only talked about how much he loved school. We started giving him a daily love note to put in his pocket and when he starts missing us or feeling sad, he can put his hand in his pocket and know we love him and we will see him soon. It has worked like a charm! All that to say, the pictures in which he has his hand in his pocket break my heart and make me proud at the same time. New experiences are hard…. He is brave and strong and got through it.