October 12, 2011

Kindergarten has brought us many hilarious dinner time stories and interesting projects. I really hope Scott’s teacher thinks we are some what capable parents because the stories he tells us makes me personally question my parenting abilities. We have our first parent teacher conference on Monday… I CAN’T WAIT. I have a feeling it will be quite insightful. This is one of the awesome projects that have come home…

Yes. That says hot tub. And the picture depicts a “tank car” with full on guns, missiles, and bomb launchers. Fully equipped with a hot tub to soothe your achy battle muscles.

And Nate… Sweet Nate. I am sure I should double his teachers salary. He somehow gets pee on his clothes EVERY day. At home, totally fine. At school, pee clothes. Not accidents, just always gets pee every where while using the restroom. I hope Henry really is his friend. Nate seems to be the complete opposite of how I would have predicted “school Nate” to be.



4 Responses to “Artsy”

  1. azdenek Says:

    I like how there are 2 robots. You can never have too many robots in a shark tank, hot tub car!

  2. bethany Says:

    I want Scott’s car. And pee clothes?! That’s hilarious. Oh the joys of boys=)

  3. I love stories about your kids. I think I will need a parent teacher conference update on Monday by the way! I have mine on Tuesday and I am not gonna lie, I’m nervous!

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