It really is a treat

June 29, 2012

Day one

On our way to Fisherman’s Warf, we accidentally visited Nob Hill, China Town, and North Point. What? You can’t tell I’m in Nob Hill?! I look like I am in down town Tulsa taking a self pic?! Oh! That’s because I have awesome photo skills.




San Francisco sour dough… Ghost Mike is in the background.

Better get going… On my way to ALCATRAZ!


Oh geez

June 22, 2012

Any bets on how this is going to end?!




I have found this summer, by about 3pm… We are ALL done playing nice. Including me. We are all three pretty tired of each other.

I finally got tired of yelling “Quit fighting!!” and changed it to a super compassionate… “Someone is going to get hurt and when it happens, I’m not going to care. You have been warned…. Carry on crazy people, carry on.”

And the first one to cry??? Nate takes the prize! I actually had my money on Scott.


Speaking of Changas

June 20, 2012

I have been in blog avoidance because the thought of catching up on the last 6 mths stresses me out. And then I thought, “Hey Cori, just pretend like the last 6 mths didn’t happen!” And then I thought, “Wow Cori, you are super smart! I am going with your plan!”

I have memories in my head and heart and iphone. That will do for now.

Soooo…. Nate has been on this big kick of randomly saying… “Speaking of ____” and it is usually just followed by a normal sentence. IE “Speaking of grapes, can we go jump on the trampoline?”

On Sunday in the car he said, “Speaking of chimi-chaaaang-as… What is a Changa?” It has been cracking me up all week.

That gem of a story has nothing to do with the rest of this blog.

Sunday was Father’s Day! I decided to actually do a Pinterest project (my first one out of my 5 million pins).

I mean is there anything cuter than asking kids questions you know they will say funny things to? I think not. Although, Scott is reaching the kids-don’t-say-the-darndest-things age. As you will note from his page (that I didn’t let him fill out on his own because it would take to long, bad mom), we have a height correction. He was very stressed out that he was going to get a question wrong. I told him do not under any circumstances ask your dad the questions to check your answers. IT IS A SURPRISE. Scott walk up to Mike:

S: Dad, how tall are you?

M: 6 ft. 

S: turns to look at me with big crazy eyes, walks over and whispers….. I’m going to need my paper back.

Scott also made sure his picture included such details as “those red dots on dad’s arms”. Nate decided to draw a picture of a botser (monster robot) being destroyed.